Cohort 1 Participants

Congratulations to our Cohort 1 participants!

Sylvester Askins, Jr.
Director of Health Programs, Urban League of Hampton Roads
Norfolk, VA

Project: Developing an online support group for older adults living with HIV


Erin Burk-Leaver, MPH, MBE
Aging Program Manager, Colorado Health Network
Denver, CO

Project: Incorporating cognitive screening in a local community center serving older adults with HIV




Ruth Cooper, BSN
Clinical Program Director of Ryan White Part A and C, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Plymouth, MA

Project: Developing a support group for older persons with HIV in Massachusetts


Joanna Hawkins, MSW, LMSW
Social Services Coordinator, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

Project: Increasing advanced directives in a primary care HIV clinic


John Herrington
Transportation Coordinator, AIDS Alabama South
Mobile, AL

Project: Developing a support group for persons with HIV in the southern U.S.

Nurse Practitioner, Holloway Community Program Medical Clinic
Wilmington, DE

Project: Conducting a needs assessment of older adults living with HIV in a primary care clinic


Lakethia Patterson, MS
Director of Ryan White Programs, AIDS Foundation Chicago
Chicago, IL

Project: Enhancing older adult assessment and creating an assessment for senior service case managers to complete when on home visits

Nontraditional BSN Program Coordinator, Northwestern State University
Natchitoches, LA

Project: Creating a learning module for nursing students focused on HIV and aging

Team 1: Jahi Omari
Counseling, Testing and Referral Coordinator, Chase Brexton Health Care
and Jaime Ramirez
Linkage Case Manager, Chase Brexton Health Care
Baltimore, MD


Project: Incorporating a comprehensive case management assessment for older adults with HIV into a primary care clinic




Team 2:
Rob Phoenix, APRN, FNP-BC
Founder, Huntridge Family Clinic
Adjunct faculty, Roseman Health Sciences University
Austin Barry, RN
Nurse, Huntridge Family Clinic

Mason McNamara
Data Analyst and Project Coordinator, Huntridge Family Clinic
JP Coleman
HIV Case Manager and Peer Advocate, Huntridge Family Clinic
and Brooke Tom, RN
HIV Linkage to Care Nurse, Huntridge Family Clinic
Las Vegas, NV

Project: Incorporating physical function screening into a primary care clinic


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