Policy Agenda


  1. Access to care for all individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Critical issues include: 
    1. Support and recognition of the on-going critical role of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program
    2. Support for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as a means to expand access to insurance coverage that will, in coordination with Ryan White programs, facilitate earlier access to care and treatment
    3. Equity in benefits across state-based programs including Medicaid and ADAP, so all individuals have access to DHHS recommended regimens regardless of their state or residence  
  2. Human Rights: Decriminalization of HIV, HIV transmission and support for full LGBT rights in all jurisdictions locally and globally. This includes:  
    1. Advocating for changing laws and policies that criminalize HIV or homosexuality or infringe upon full LGBT rights
    2. Educating nurses and policymakers about evidence that such laws are counterproductive to HIV and other disease prevention efforts
    3. Promotion of full and equitable civil rights for sexual minority individuals and the integration of sexual minority health content into all health care curricula
    4. Educating nurses, other health care providers and policymakers of the importance of human rights-based approaches to HIV management and the delivery of socially just health care
  3. Support for the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based and scientifically driven HIV treatment and prevention programs. This includes:
    1. Full implementation of routine HIV testing of adolescents, adults and pregnant women
    2. Support for age-appropriate, evidence-based, comprehensive sexual education in public schools
    3. Elimination of the ban on funding for syringe exchange programs
    4. Collaboration with communities to develop and implement a range of comprehensive HIV management strategies that promote prevention through care and treatment
    5. Full access to comprehensive HIV prevention strategies including education about and expansion of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) programs
  4. Support for HIV/AIDS Workforce Development. This includes:
    1. Provision of incentives for nurses to work in HIV care through student loan forgiveness programs
    2. Provision of incentives for nurses at all levels of experience through HIV clinical fellowships  
    3. Appropriate reimbursement for nurses and others for the complex care provided to HIV patients
    4. Full practice and prescriptive authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)


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