Individual Memberships

ANAC offers many different types of membership levels to fit the diverse field of HIV health care including individual and organization memberships. If you have any questions about becoming an individual ANAC member, please contact Nakera Dumas, membership manager. For questions about becoming an organization member, contact Kat Ngaruiya, development and partnerships.

If you are a current or expired ANAC member, please click here to renew your membership.

If you are unable to apply online download a membership application and return the completed form with your check, money order or credit card payment to:
11230 Cleveland Ave NW #986
Uniontown, OH 44685
Fax: 330.670.0109.

Interested in joining or renewing with the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter? Click here to review your membership options.

What types of individual memberships are available?


Licensed registered professional nurses or license practical/vocational nurses or the international equivalent.

reduced rate

Retired: ANAC members who have retired from nursing or other health profession careers may apply for reduced rate membership.

Nursing extender roles: Includes Certified Nursing Assistants, Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistants, Home Health Aides and Community Health Workers.

affiliate (non nurse)

Non-nurse individuals who support the mission of ANAC. Nurse allies and supporters as well as pharmacists, PAs and other members of the health care team. Affiliate members are entitled to the same privileges of Nurse members, except nomination to president/president-elect.


Students enrolled in an accredited education program leading to professional or practical/vocational nursing qualifications or advanced practice or doctoral degrees or accredited degrees in other health professions or related fields.

Global (Electronic)

Global membership is available to licensed registered professional nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses (or the international equivalents), other members of the healthcare team and nursing and other health professions students who reside in low or middle income countries as defined by the World Bank. Global members will receive the Journal of the Association of Nurses (JANAC) electronically. Voting, nominations and elections of Global members to the Board of Directors or office shall follow the same process as other members.

If you are unable to apply online please complete the Global Membership Form and return to Lynda Wileman via email.

Renewal information

All new and expired ANAC memberships will be effective on the day dues are received and last for 12 months for a one-year membership, 24 months for a two-year membership or 36 months for a three-year membership. If membership is renewed before the expiration date, only the year of expiration will change and the renewal will start at the end of the current membership.  If membership has expired before renewal, the anniversary date will change to the day dues are received and last for 12 months for a one-year membership. Renew now.

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