Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit provides a very basic overview of advocacy strategies and tactics. Key to all of them is the role of nurses and other healthcare providers in advocacy for sound public policies that enhance health, well-being, equality and social justice. This aligns with a key part of the mission of ANAC to advocate for the rights of people living with and affected by HIV around the world. This is amplified in a core ideology of ANAC: public policy must be grounded in patient advocacy, human rights, compassion and social justice. We promote the inclusion of the nursing perspective in promoting the health, welfare and rights of all individuals affected by HIV and its comorbidities. This core ideology is shaped by two fundamental beliefs:

  • Nurses can have an influential and powerful voice as public policy advocates
  • Nurses have expertise related to health care and human rights

Advocacy can take many forms: a Letter to the Editor, social media presence, testifying at a local school board, meeting with an elected official and many other examples. Try one or two. See what works for you. And always start with “I am a Nurse…”

Download the Advocacy Toolkit that includes definitions of types of advocacy, who to target, different approaches and sample letters.


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