COVID-19 Resources

For the most recent information regarding COVID-19 please utilize the following websites:

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2020-2021 COVID-19 Updates

Webinars about COVID-19

  • June 22, 2021 - Learning to thrive with post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 (Passcode: c+b6i4DU). View the presentation slides.
  • April 27, 2021 - Long COVID patients: They are changing how clinicians think. Read the Q and A transcript.
  • Dec. 8, 2020 - COVID-19 Clinical Trials in Communities of Color (partnership with CoVPN). A FAQ document was created from the content in this webinar.
  • Oct. 28, 2020 - Introduction to Immunology, Vaccinology and COVID-19 Trials (partnership with CoVPN)
  • June 10 - Living and Aging with HIV During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • May 27 - Examining Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in COVID-19 Outcomes
  • May 19 - Perspectives from South Africa on the Global COVID-19 Pandemic
  • May 6 - Year of the Nurse and Midwife: HIV Nurses and the COVID-19 Response
  • April 29 - Self-care for nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic - Support in the present, learning from the past
  • April 22 - Tales from NYC: Maintaining medication adherence and supporting patient engagement and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • April 15 - PrEP, sexual health and risk reduction in the time of COVID-19
  • April 1 - COVID-19 update from nursing leadership on the front line (hosted by ANAC)
  • April 1 - COVID-19: A clinical update for HIV care providers (hosted by ANAC and AAHIVM) 

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