Core Purpose and Values


Core Ideology describes an organization’s identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant environment. Core ideology consists of two notions: Core Purpose – the organization’s reason for being – and  Core Values – essential and enduring principles that guide an organization, its behaviors and actions.

Core Purpose

To advance expertise and excellence in nurses engaged in any dimension of HIV disease and its comorbidities, and to ensure  that nursing expertise is recognized as a key component of inter-professional care models, and is incorporated in decisions affecting the HIV community.

Core Values

Knowledge  Knowledge is the basis for all decision making in ANAC.  Knowledge grounded in evidence guides ANAC in all its work.  Development and dissemination of knowledge within a context of inter-professional care delivery is central to the evolution of ANAC.

Collaboration  Attainment of ANAC’s goals requires collaboration within the Association, across the  Nursing discipline, and among colleagues in health care and other disciplines.  ANAC forges strategic partnerships to move its work forward, and acknowledges the vital importance of inter-professional research, education and practice in optimizing patient and community outcomes and satisfaction.
Advocacy  Public policy grounded in patient advocacy, human rights, compassion, and social justice is valued by ANAC members.  ANAC promotes the inclusion of the Nursing perspective as an integral and valued factor in promoting the health, welfare, and rights of all individuals affected by HIV and its comorbidities.
Diversity  ANAC acknowledges the need for diversity throughout all of its work. ANAC promotes  the inclusion of members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives in the leadership and work of all association activities and initiatives. Diversity of members includes all personal aspects such as, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and political affiliation. It also includes an individual’s professional discipline, educational preparation, populations served, and geographical practice/employment location. 
Support  ANAC members value personal and professional support from their colleagues.  Equally valued is the provision of support and renewal to its members is a primary goal for ANAC’s work.  


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