Public Policy

ANAC seeks to include the voices of nurses in all levels of public policy discussions that address the health, welfare and rights of individuals living with and at risk for HIV and its co-morbidities locally and globally. Our members hold positions in clinical, academic, public health, research, government and community settings; witnessing the daily impact that public policies have on individuals affected by HIV/AIDS around the world.

ANAC is committed to evidence-based, scientifically sound, public policy as well as the diversity of its members and the people who receive their care. ANAC members practice in a wide range of facilities across the globe, from Ryan White-funded clinics to large urban hospitals to small rural settings. Our policy agenda reflects this diversity.

The policy agenda of ANAC is organized around four priorities:

  • Access to care
  • Decriminalization of HIV and support for full LGBT rights
  • Support for evidence-based HIV treatment and prevention programs 
  • HIV/AIDS workforce development

ANAC has developed  a number of public policy recommendations and statements within each of these priorities.


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