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Nurses and Advocacy: An Influential Voice

Nurses advocate for patients every day and are viewed as trustworthy, compassionate and knowledgeable heath care professionals in their communities. The nursing profession was founded in public health advocacy and leadership. Nurses were on the front lines of early AIDS activism. ANAC is proud to continue that tradition in our public policy and advocacy work.

ANAC’s core ideology

Public policy must be grounded in patient advocacy, human rights, compassion and social justice. We promote the inclusion of the nursing perspective in promoting the health, welfare and rights of all individuals affected by HIV and its comorbidities.

Two fundamental beliefs

  • Nurses can have an influential and powerful voice as public policy advocates.
  • Nurses have expertise related to health care and human rights.

Please note: If you are advocating on behalf of ANAC, as an ANAC member, you must speak from ANAC’s position statements. If you are speaking as an individual and your individual concerns, please do not make reference to ANAC supporting your individual opinion.

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