Strategic Plan


Envisioned Future: 

ANAC is a globally recognized professional nursing association that is the preeminent source of nursing expertise in all dimensions of HIV prevention, care & treatment, research and policy.

Goal 1

Leadership: ANAC will be the leading nursing organization in all aspects of prevention, care & treatment, research and policy related to HIV and HIV co-morbidities.

Objective 1: Strengthen ANAC's visibility to nurses, nursing students and other health care providers and their organizations.


  • Serve as the key information and policy nursing resource on HIV related issues for local, national and global nursing and other health care providers and their organizations.
  • Increase the number of ANAC member nurses and other health care providers in key leadership roles with special emphasis on decision making bodies that affect HIV and related care.
  • Increase ANAC engagement with nursing students, schools of nursing and nursing education programs.
  • Strengthen mentorship and leadership opportunities for emerging nurse leaders throughout the organization.

Goal 2

Member and Chapter Engagement:  Nurses will perceive value in ANAC membership; membership will increase in size and diversity. The ANAC chapter system will be a vibrant, growing, successful model of local engagement, expertise and organization.

Objective 1:  Increase member participation and satisfaction in ANAC programs and initiatives.


  • Expand reach of the organization by identifying and inviting members to represent ANAC at global, national and local programs and meetings.
  • Provide a robust scientific, clinical and policy focused ANAC annual conference.

Objective 2: ANAC will engage, support & develop chapters nationally and globally.


  • Develop and implement administrative systems to better support chapters.
  • Develop and implement management tools that assist chapters in development and ongoing local management.
  • Enhance communications and leadership engagement with chapters.

Objective 3: Increase awareness of ANAC to non-member nurses and other interprofessional health team members in all areas of healthcare.


  • Improve visibility of ANAC to nurses and others involved in HIV nursing, HIV co-morbidities, HIV prevention, research and related settings.
  • Establish regular communications to nurses, healthcare professionals and supporters who are not current ANAC members.

Goal 3

Policy Influence:  ANAC and its members will be recognized as the primary nursing resource at the policy level for the promotion of the health, welfare and rights of all individuals living with and at risk for HIV disease and HIV co-morbidities.

Objective 1: ANAC will enhance its policy program.


  • Educate, inform and engage ANAC members in ongoing developments and actions in HIV policy and related health policy.
  • Participate in emerging policy and advocacy opportunities that are important for nurses and/or individuals living with and at risk for HIV disease and HIV co-morbidities.
  • Provide timely responses to emergent national and global polices that impact HIV nursing.
  • Increase ANAC’s policy visibility and influence in national and global expert groups.

Goal 4

Global Engagement:  ANAC and its members will develop, foster and enhance HIV nursing capacity and leadership in settings across the globe.

Objective 1: ANAC will expand its global partnerships and programs.


  • Identify strategic opportunities for partnerships and initiatives.
  • Participate as a collaborative partner in global initiatives.
  • Participate in global leadership meetings and conferences.
  • Identify opportunities to engage with nursing organizations in global settings.

Objective 2: ANAC will engage and support nurses in global settings affected by HIV and HIV co-morbidities.  


  • Increase global membership and chapters.
  • Partner with global organizations to enhance shared capacity building initiatives for nurses and other health care providers.

Goal 5

Practice and Research Advancement: ANAC will be a global leader in advancing nursing practice and research.

Objective 1: Increase dissemination of knowledge, including evidence-based nursing practice related to HIV, associated comorbidities, prevention of HIV and related fields.


  • Provide ANAC members with evidence-based HIV education and dissemination of research findings about HIV on a frequent basis.
  • Expand opportunities to provide non-member colleagues with evidence-based HIV education and dissemination of research findings.

Objective 2: ANAC will increase visibility and engagement in efforts to promote and enhance nursing practice and research.


  • Partner with other nursing organizations to advance evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Expand the number of ANAC-led research initiatives and provide opportunities for members to participate in these research activities.
  • Champion the leadership roles of nurses in interprofessional health care practice and teams.
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