DEI Committee

Address cultural and ethnic diversity in HIV/AIDS disease, treatment and care; assist the organization to effectively meet the goals and address the needs of its racial/ethnic minority membership; and implement ANAC's core values of advocacy, collaboration, diversity, knowledge and support while embracing cultural diversity and cultural competency.


  • Ensure diversity and inclusion throughout ANAC in the areas of research, education and clinical practice
  • Assist the board of directors in identifying concerns and issues of ANAC’s racial/ethnic minority membership
  • Recruit more racial/ethnic minority nurses into the association 
  • Solicit nominations for the DEI Student Fellowship of racial/ethnic minority nursing students who desire to work in this area after graduation
  • Serve as consultants on the development and implementation of a minority mentoring initiative 

Time commitment

There is a monthly time commitment of at least 1-2 hours.  The committee meets by conference call quarterly and gathers in committee at the annual conference.

Co-chairs: Bridget Piccou, Deborah Wafer

Members: Diane Clements-Walton, Amit Dhir, Sheldon Fields, Arianne Jamison, Jonathan Lucas, Martez Smith, Mitchell Wharton, Angelo James Esperanzate, Faith Lambert

Board liaison:  Anthony Velasco

ANAC Staff Member: Nakera Dumas

Administrative forms

Quarterly Report
Committee Annual Report

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