Rural and Frontier Nursing Specialty Committee

Identify the special issues inherent in living and working with HIV in sparsely populated areas such as lack of resources, distance to care, lack of supportive services and increased stigma and isolation. The committee comprises nurses and nurse practitioners working in HIV care and prevention who are either based in rural or frontier areas or provide services to clients living in these areas.



  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and the development of educational resources about innovative approaches to improve access to care and outreach efforts in rural areas
  • Advocate for HIV care and prevention efforts in rural communities
  • Develop a network of providers working in rural/frontier areas that can share experiences, expertise and solutions

Committee chair:  Richard Gettings

Committee members:  Ann Benson, Anna Atkinson, Jeanne Kemppanien
Board liaison: David Vance

Administrative forms
Quarterly Report
Committee Annual Report

Discussion forum (committee members only)


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