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Central Southern AZ: Brian Helander
Grand Canyon: Emilie Bowers

Greater LA Chapter: Martha Tadesse

Golden Gate Chapter: Janessa Broussard

Rocky Mountain Chapter: Christine Griesmer

Greater Washington Chapter: Nancy Murphy

Central Florida Chapter: Michele Wetmore

Greater Ft. Lauderdale Chapter: Katherine Chadwell

North Florida Chapter: Elizabeth Jo Bryan
Tampa Bay Chapter: Melanie Padilla

Metro Atlanta Chapter: John Stanton


Chicago Chapter: Zyra Gordon-Smith

Central IndiANAC Chapter: Jean Craft
Baton Rouge Chapter: Kimberly Sanders


Chesapeake Bay Chapter: Willa Cochrane

Boston Chapter: Kevin Myers
Michigan Chapter: Danielle Leedy


Greater Kansas City Chapter: Doug Ross

St. Louis Chapter:

Southern Nevada Chapter: Lourdes Lapjoco

New Jersey Chapter: Peter Oates

Capital District of New York Chapter:

Central New York Chapter: Lewis Briot

Greater New York Chapter: Melanie Steilen

Long Island: Christine Brancaccio
Western New York Chapter: Lauraine Neal
Portland Cascade: Chris Fox
Philadelphia Chapter: Alana Bergman
Rhode Island Chapter: Andrew Komensky
Midsouth Chapter: Kim Allison
Austin Chapter: Mary Anne Hoskins

Dallas Chapter: Nancy Beckham McDonald

Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter: Tony Waguespack
San Antonio Chapter: Marian Santillan-Rabe  
Central Virginia Chapter: Carol Clark

The First Virginia Chapter: Alycia Dickens



Puget Sound Chapter: Steven Simpkins


Nigeria Chapter:  Dr. Ijeoma Okoronkwo

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