Joanne Ruiz Achievement Award for Excellence in HIV Nursing Practice

This award is named in honor of Joanne Ruiz (1949-1991), one of the first nurses in the United States to become infected with HIV through occupational exposure. Despite this, she continued as an HIV/AIDS nurse and was admired by her colleagues for her compassionate care and non-judgmental respect for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. This award recognizes an outstanding nurse clinician who is a source of pride to self, peers, patients/clients and colleagues. He or she brings knowledge, skill and caring to people with HIV infection and their loved ones. Essentially, the award recognizes the nurse you would most like to care for your loved ones.

Frank Lamendola Achievement Award for Nursing Leadership in HIV Care

This award is named in honor of Frank Lamendola (1950-1998), an ANAC nurse who lived openly with HIV/AIDS for 16 years. He was an exemplary leader in HIV/AIDS nursing care, combining clinical nursing expertise with scholarly and administrative leadership and vision to impact the care of people living with HIV/AIDS. This award recognizes an outstanding nurse who has taken on a major leadership role in HIV research, education, professional services or scholarly activities. The recipient is a nurse who brings vision, administrative abilities and commitment to their position. The award is given to the nurse who has had significant and far-reaching impact on AIDS care nurses and people with HIV infection.

Research/Impact Recognition Award

This award recognizes an outstanding current ANAC member who has made a significant contribution through research* regarding individuals and communities affected** by HIV and the quality of care provided to them. Contributions may be reflected in scholarship and/or by the implemented impact of the research on HIV nursing care and individuals and communities affected by HIV.

*Research is defined as the identification of new knowledge through ethically conducted study, with the dissemination of that knowledge to improve the outcomes of affected individuals and/or communities.
**Affected is defined as people whose lives are impacted either directly (diagnosed with or at-risk for HIV) or indirectly (family, partners and spouses, friends, colleagues, community members, etc.) by HIV.

HIV Educator Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes an outstanding ANAC member who, through HIV education, has impacted the lives of those they have instructed, whether it be patients, clients, families, students, health care providers, community groups or the general public.

Lucy Bradley-Springer Excellence in HIV Prevention Award 

This award recognizes a nurse who has made significant and outstanding contributions to the prevention of the spread of HIV infection.

Chapter recognition award

This award recognizes the outstanding efforts of one of ANAC’s chapters in meeting the association’s mission. Applicants must download, complete and return an application by email or develop a video presentation.

DEI Student Fellowship

This fellowship supports a member of a historically underrepresented racial or ethnic minority group in nursing or another health-related discipline who has a genuine interest in HIV/AIDS care. The recipient will establish a mentor/mentee relationship with an ANAC member that will continue throughout the fellowship experience. Fellowship winner will present a summary of their experience at the ANAC2023 annual conference. For more information, view a recent webinar about the fellowship. (passcode: ?=q*aZk1)

Dr. Patrick Kenny Certified HIV Nurse of the Year

This prestigious award recognizes an ACLPN, ACRN or AACRN who exemplifies excellence in HIV/AIDS nursing and advances the mission of the HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board. This award is voted upon by the HANCB board.

Excellence in Global HIV Nursing Award

This award is given every two years to honor an outstanding nurse living and working in a low or lower middle income country (per World Bank designation) who is doing exceptional work in promoting HIV nursing and supporting people living with and affected by HIV. Nominations are now closed.

The following awards require no application and are chosen according to the stated criteria by the individual or group noted.

Richard L. Sowell JANAC Awards

Nominations and selection of these awards are by the JANAC editorial board and are funded by the journal’s publisher.

Outstanding JANAC Article

This award recognizes an outstanding article published in the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care during the period from July 1 - June 30 of the year preceding ANAC's annual conference. The award acknowledges a significant contribution to the literature, the science of caring and nursing interventions in the HIV epidemic. 

Editor's Award for Outstanding JANAC Reviewer 

This award recognizes the support of an outstanding reviewer for the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care during the period from July 1 - June 30 of the year preceding ANAC's annual conference. This award acknowledges the significant contribution of a reviewer on the quality of manuscripts published in JANAC.  

Student Poster Research Award 

This award recognizes an outstanding poster presented by an undergraduate or graduate student member at the annual conference. Students must submit an abstract for this session, according to criteria and deadlines noted in the annual conference call for abstracts. Presenters are notified by letter of abstract acceptance and must register for the conference and present the poster at the student poster session. The research specialty committee reviews and selects the recipient during the conference.

ANAC President’s Award

This award is given to the association member who, in the opinion of the president, has provided exemplary leadership and service in fulfillment of the association’s mission and strategic plan. The award is given at the discretion of the president and every association member is eligible.

ANAC Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given to a current member of ANAC for outstanding lifetime accomplishments that have enhanced the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. The award is recommended by the ANAC president to the board of directors for approval and is given at the board’s discretion.

ANAC Public Service Award

This award is given to an individual who (or organization that) has made a significant contribution to public policy or community service. The awardee is selected by the ANAC board of directors. The award is given at the board’s discretion.

Helen Miramontes Advocacy Award

This award is presented by ANAC and Until There's A Cure Foundation to an ANAC member whose work focuses on improving the lives of vulnerable persons or communities; influences policy at a local, state, national or international level and whose drive, motivations and passion affects change.

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