Starting a local Chapter

How To Start An ANAC Chapter

  1. Contact the National Office for a list of all ANAC members in your area.  All members of an ANAC local chapter must be members of ANAC National.  If you have people who are interested in forming a chapter, but who are not members, then the chapters chair will assist you in encouraging interested parties to join the ANAC organization. 
  2. Set up an organization meeting to discuss (helpful slide deck):
  • The viability of starting a chapter
  • When to meet
  • Where to meet
  • Educational topics for meetings/strategic plan
  • Chapter leadership
  • Commitment to policies and procedures for ANAC Chapters

     3.  Plan, promote and hold first Chapter-in-Formation meeting.  A commitment of 10 ANAC National members is needed to start a Chapter-in-Formation (CIF).

     4. Complete the Chapter-in-Formation Declaration and submit to National Office who will forward to the Chapters Committee Chair.

     5. Complete the Chapter Application

  • Letter of application for chapter charter- This form must be dated and signed by all officers.
  • Request Chapter in a Box from the National Office
  • Roster of elected officers- Elections may take place as soon as the group has agreed to work together to form a chapter.  Requirements per the bylaw for elected officers are waived the first five (5) years of the chapter.
  • Roster of ANAC members- A minimum of ten (10) members of ANAC are required to apply for a charter as a local chapter.  The ANAC National Office will verify membership.  List all members.  This form may be duplicated to accommodate all members.  The President and Secretary must sign and date this form.
  • Letter of agreement-This must be dated and signed by the President and Secretary.  
  • Group 990 letter form- This form must be completed and signed to authorize chapter use of the Association Federal EIN number for tax-exempt, non-profit organizations.
  • Meeting minutes- Minutes should be completed for each meeting during the formation process.  A minimum of four (4) meetings with completed minutes should be included in this packet. 
  • Chapter bylaws- The sample chapter bylaws contains all the necessary information that must be included in a chapter’s bylaws.  The bylaws provide guidelines for the management of a chapter.  In general, keep the bylaws brief and simple. 
  • Chapters Handbook
  • Chapter logo- a standard chapter logo will be issued by the National Office.  Custom logos can be created at the chapter’s expense and must follow ANAC’s chapter logo policy.

     6. Recruit Members

  • Membership guide- Includes information about becoming an ANAC member and the benefits of joining a chapter. 
  • Sample letters- Recruitment letters for new members and current national ANAC members to your chapter
  • Sample membership application- Application template for prospective members


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