HIV has become a chronic, manageable condition. This progress means that for the first time, people living with HIV are aging and face new challenges to health and wellness. People aging with HIV are likely to face a myriad of challenges: clinical, psychosocial, financial and logistical. Aging with HIV is a complex mix of long-term treatment effects, early onset of general aging, comorbidities and other confounding factors including mental health and psycho-social factors that affect quality of life.  

We have developed multi-dimensional educational modules with the overall goals of:

  • Ensuring that aging persons with HIV (PWH) are provided the best possible care regardless of the setting
  • Achieving optimal nurse led care coordination for aging PWH by nurses/nurse practitioners in settings where older patients are served
  • Supporting self-care and patient wellness for aging PWH
  • Maintaining optimal quality of life for people who are aging with HIV

These free, on demand courses are eligible for nursing continuing professional development (CNE).

This work is supported through a generous grant from Gilead Sciences as part of the HIV Aging Positively initiative.


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