Writing a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor are effective tools to increase awareness about a specific issue. Letters to the editor can be used to correct facts that ran in a news story, support or oppose the actions of an elected official or agency, bring attention to a problem, urge readers to support your cause or encourage reporters to provide more coverage to your issue.
To write a Letter to the Editor:
·         Pick a timely topic.
·         Know the newspaper’s guidelines and stay within them. You can usually find the guidelines on the Letters page of the newspaper or you can call the newspaper or visit their website.
·         Provide a concise introduction to your topic before you launch into your issue. Readers are not necessarily informed about your issue and need some background.
·         State your issue as succinctly as possible. Most Letters to the Editor must stay within 250 words.
·         State why the issue is important to the local community.
·         Do not send the same letter to more than one newspaper in your community.
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