Write a Letter to Your Member of Congress

Writing letters is a traditional way of communicating with your representatives. Emailing and faxing your letters can ensure that your information is received in a timely manner. It is important to note that each Members’ office may have a preference for written correspondence, and it may be best to inquire as to how they prefer to receive letters from constituents.
Tips for writing your letter:
1. State the purpose of your letter in the first sentence. Be sure to also thank the Member for any past support.    
2. State who you are and where you are from. For example, identify yourself as a constituent, a registered nurse or a registered voter. 
3. Be informed and educated about the topic of the letter. Provide some background information on the issue and why you are interested in the issue. Use personal examples, if applicable, but avoid lengthy personal stories.
4. Make sure that the correspondence is polite, respectful and honest. 
5. Offer yourself as a resource for the issue. You have expertise to lend, and policymakers and their staff rely on experts to assist them with specific issues.
6. Request a response to your correspondence and follow up with the office if you do not receive a response within a month. You can follow up by phone or with another letter.
7. Thank the Member of Congress for his/her time.
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