ANAC2016 Conference 

Thank you to everyone who attended ANAC2016 in Atlanta! The sessions were all informative and interesting. We hope you learned something new and made some friends. 

Mark your calendar for ANAC2017 in Dallas, Nov 2-4, 2017.

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Protect ACA and Medicaid: Policy Action (Dec. 2016)

Join ANAC in signing on to a letter to Congress.

PrEP Resources (Oct. 2016)

There is a new website for providers, www.PreventHIV.com. It provides educational content and downloadable resources highlighting the current state of the HIV epidemic, at-risk patient populations, comprehensive prevention options, including PrEP, PEP and TasP.

HIV Criminalization (Sept. 2016)

ANAC, with support from the Elton John AIDS Foundation has developed a downloadable tool: Clinician Guidelines to HIV Criminalization.  


Initial endorsers: ANAC, ANA, DENOSA, IAS, ICN, ICAP, UNAIDS

Achieving ambitious targets of 90-90-90 will require greater investments in nursing. Join with ANAC and sign the call today for enhanced commitment and support for nurses in HIV prevention, treatment & care.




StoryCorps Chicago: AIDS patients teach nurses how to live (Feb. 2016)

ANAC Members Melanie Steilen and Erik Mortensen poignantly discuss what it means to them to be HIV nurses.  Listen here as two ANAC nurses recall how they got started in careers which have impacted them both professionally and personally.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) (Oct. 2015)

ANAC strongly supports the CDC guidelines on the use of PrEP as part of HIV prevention.  The PrEP Support Hotline for Clinicians, staffed by APRNs and MDs  provides peer to peer guidance on prescribing PrEP.  In a study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases found no new HIV infections among patients on PrEP during more than 2.5 years of observation.  Read more in JANAC about nurses and PrEP.

HIV Criminalization & Stigma (Oct. 2015)

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has co-endorsed ANAC's position statement opposing HIV criminalization and joined ANAC in calling for the end to unjust laws that criminalize HIV.  Thirty three states still have laws criminalizing HIV exposure.  These laws fuel stigma by institutionalizing discrimination and are based on outdated beliefs.  People living with HIV are still being arrested for HIV exposure.  ANAC is a member of the Positive Justice Project, a national coalition to end HIV criminalization in the U.S.  Read ANAC’s policy statement calling for the modernization of HIV Criminalization laws.