Mission and Vision


The mission of the Association is to promote the individual and collective professional development of nurses involved in the delivery of health care to persons infected or affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and to promote the health and welfare of infected persons by: creating an effective network among nurses in AIDS care; studying, researching and exchanging information, experiences, and ideas leading to improved care for persons with AIDS/HIV infection; providing leadership to the nursing community in matters related to HIV/AIDS infection; advocating for HIV-infected persons; and promoting social awareness concerning issues related to HIV/AIDS.  Inherent in these goals is the abiding commitment to the prevention of further HIV infection.


  • Become a globally recognized association that is the preeminent source of nursing expertise related to all dimensions of HIV disease.
  • Empower members to become key players worldwide in the elimination of HIV stigma.
  • Participate in the education of nurses from resource-challenged countries, assisting them to provide quality HIV care.
  • Collaborate with international partners, setting the standard for HIV curricula worldwide.
  • Hold positions on the boards of national and international organizations related to HIV.
  • Promote and encourage membership in ANAC for all nurses involved in any dimension of HIV care.
  • Ensure that HIV-specialty nurses are certified in HIV nursing.
  • Be an essential organization for networking, education and support for nurses in HIV care.
  • Conduct leading edge research in all aspects of HIV disease, and serve as mentors to novice researchers.


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