Conference Committee

Plan ANAC's annual conference.


  • Choose conference theme, speakers and session topics
  • Plan all social and entertainment events related to the conference
  • Work collaboratively with the ANAC management team for a successful conference

Time commitment

 Potential members should be able to make a substantial time commitment as the annual conference is one of ANAC's primary member services and one of our largest sources of revenue. During the months of November through May, anticipate 4-5 hours per month, including conference calls every 3-4 weeks.

Committee co-chair:  Jeffrey Kwong
Committee co-chair: Kathy Bell
Members: LaRon Nelson (Research), Ella Curry, Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, Mitchell Wharton, Lisa Lawrence, Allison Webel (Lead Nurse Planner for CE), Joseph Perazzo (Nurse Planner)

Administrative forms

Quarterly Report
Committee Annual Report


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