Chapters Committee

Many ANAC members also choose to join a local ANAC chapter. ANAC has 41 Active Chapters and 2 Special Interest Groups that provide members support through:

  • educational programs
  • networking with colleagues
  • socialization with peers
  • ACRN study groups
  • volunteer and leadership opportunities

Groups of ten (10) or more ANAC members (in a locale) may petition for a chapter charter. Charters shall be approved and awarded by the Board of Directors. Chapters shall fulfill the purposes of the Association at the local level. The structure, functions and reporting activities of chapters shall be consistent with the Bylaws, policies, and procedures of the Association.

The Chapters Committee has the responsibility of supporting each of the current 41 Chapters by working with them closely to ensure they are complying with the Chapter guidelines. The Committee also works with and encourages new Chapters-in-Formation (CIFs) to become Chartered Chapters and by supporting members who wish to be part of Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

2015 Chapters Chair: Jeff Kwong

2015 Chapters Committee Members:  Kathy Bell, Madeline Bronaugh, Robert Carroll, Carol Cohen, Mark Pavlick, Andrea Vinet

2015 Board of Directors Liaison to the Chapters Committee:  Gwendolyn Childs

The Chapters Committee has developed a presentation to assist Chapters in understanding the roles and responsibilities of Chapter Boards of DirectorsClick here to download the slide deck.  In addition, the presentation from the Annual Chapter Leadership meeting at ANAC's Conference is available to download by clicking here.  This presentation provides a detailed overview of Chapter reporting, deadlines and responsibilities. 

Please click here to view the listing of ANAC's Local Chapters.

Please click here to learn more about the Chapters Committee.

The Chapters Handbook is available for download in both .doc (MS Word) and .pdf (Adobe) versions. 

The newly revised Sample Chapter Bylaws is now available for download.

Please click here to download information on "How To Start a Local ANAC Chapter."

Chapter Presidents: 
Please click here to complete your Annual Chapter Leadership List (due by November 1st of the current year) as well as the 3-part Annual Chapter Report (due by January 31st for activities of the previous year).

Committee Chair:  Please click here to submit your Quarterly Report electronically.

To view the Chapters Committee's Quarterly Reports, please click here.

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