Committees and Task Forces

Our committees and task forces help drive the mission of the association. We are always looking for motivated, passionate people to serve. A member may serve on only one of the below committees at a time.  The only exception is for members of the nominating committee.

If you are interested in more information about how to serve on a committee or form a task force, please email us.


Bylaws and Resolutions





Global HIV/AIDS Nursing

JANAC Editorial Board


Policy & Advocacy


Specialty committees
A forum for groups of members who share a common interest in an area related to the association’s mission.  Groups may present proposals to the board for projects/programs.  Specialty committees currently include:

HIV-Positive Nurses

Palliative Care

Rural and Frontier Nursing

Task forces
Developed by the ANAC board of directors to complete specific tasks that fulfill the mission of the organization, to carry out directives of an adopted resolution, or to assist in program advancement.

Administrative forms

Requisition for reimbursement: Please allow 30 days for processing of request and call 1-800-260-6780 with any questions about qualifying expenses.

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