ANAC Committees comprise one of the major structural units of the organization.  ANAC's Operational Manual further describe in more detail ANAC's Standing, Regular, Specialty Committees and Task Forces.

Consent to Serve

If you are interested in serving on an ANAC committee, please submit a Consent to Serve form online between April 1 & June 30.  Either a staff member or a Committee chair will contact you to confirm your participation.  If you have any questions about the process, please contact ANAC's National Office at 330-670-0101.

Standing Committees

Purpose: To fulfill the mandates of the bylaws and to ensure the efficient and ethical conduct of financial management, nominations, and bylaw amendments. Standing Committees include:  Bylaws and Resolutions, Finance, and Nominations.  A member may serve on only one standing committee or regular committee at a time.  The only exception is for members of the Nominations committee who can serve on one other standing or regular committee.

Regular Committees

Purpose: To address the operational needs of the Association in relation to permanent and ongoing tasks of the Association.  Regular Committees include:  Awards, Chapters, Conference, Diversity, Global HIV/AIDS Nursing, Policy & Advocacy and Research.

Specialty Committees

Purpose: To provide a forum for a group of members who share a common interest in an area related to the fulfillment of the Association’s mission to network and address issues relevant to the group.  Groups may present proposals to the Board for projects/programs that assist in achieving the goals of the Association as specified in the Association’s strategic plan.  Specialty committees currently include, but are not limited to:  HIV-Positive NursesPalliative Care and Rural and Frontier Nursing.

Task Forces

Task Forces are developed by the ANAC Board of Directors to complete specific tasks that fulfill the mission of the organization, to carry out directives of an adopted resolution, or to assist in program advancement. Development of a Task Force can be requested by any member of ANAC.  The number and type of task forces varies according to need.


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