Palliative Care Committee

ANAC is pleased to announce that the Palliative Care Specialty Committee, which disbanded at the conclusion of the 2007 Annual Conference, has re-formed and is currently looking for new members.

The purpose of the Palliative Care Specialty Committee is to:

  • Facilitate continuing education about the paradigm & philosophy of palliative care;
  • To continue education on end of life care; 
  • To develop a model of HIV palliative care across the age spectrum; and
  • To explore research opportunities in these areas.

Palliative Care Specialty Committee Activities have included:

  • Creation of position statements (one on Pain Management for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and one on Palliative Care).
  • Presentations at conference about various aspects of Palliative Care by members of the committee and others



2015  Palliative Care Specialty Committee Chair: Melanie Steilen





Palliative Care Specialty Committee Members:  Ann Hughes, inge corless, Carla Johnson, Craig Coball, Carl(Tom) Salber, Debbie Batson, Patrick Kenny, Harley Kutz, Jennifer Caruso, Kathy Foley, Kim Rutley, Estella Woods, Lane Tateman, Dean Hensel, Willie Roberts, Loretta Winde, Kate Rollins, Jyh Boyette, Gwen Verlinghieri

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