HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board (HANCB)

In 1996, ANAC supported the creation of a separate corporation, the HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board (HANCB). The purpose of the new entity was to develop and administer an HIV nursing certification examination. The first examination was administered in October 1996 at the ANAC conference in Chicago. Candidates who successfully passed the proctored exam were entitled to use the ACRN credential (AIDS Certified Registered Nurse) for four (4) years; in 2000, the initial ACRNs completed the first recertification process. Currently, the ACRN examination is administered all year via computer based testing at more than 300 sites in the USA and Canada. Since 2003, the HANCB also administers the AACRN (Advanced ACRN) for Advanced Practice Nurses working with HIV/AIDS in a variety of clinical, research, and academic settings. In 2002, the HANCB moved to a self-managed structure and moved their offices to the ANAC headquarters.  HANCB Presidents have included:  Barbara Rickert (1996-1997), Susan Holman (1997-1998), Deena Schmidt (1998-1999), Felissa Lashley (1999-2000), Richard Ferri (2000-2001), Michael Relf (2001-2003), R. Kevin Mallinson (2003-2005), Gregory Grevera (2005-2007), Robin Hardwicke (2007-2009) and Joe DeSantis (2009-2011).  The current HANCB President is Christine Balt (2012-2013).

To visit the HANCB website or to learn more about ACRN certification, please click here.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Wednesday October 28 11AM-530PM: ACRN/AACRN Preparation. Enhance your career by becoming certified in HIV/AIDS Nursing. Board certification is highly valued and provides formal recognition of HIV/AIDS nursing knowledge. Certification allows RNs/APRNs to be recognized as ACRN or AACRN. Come and learn how to prepare for the ACRN & AACRN Certification Exams.  Led by experienced nursing educators, this program will review content for the ACRN/AACRN exams and discuss exam preparation.  Click here to register.

Contact HANCB by email, telephone at 800-260-6780 or (330) 670-0101, or at our address, 3538 Ridgewood Road, Akron, OH 44333-3122.




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