ANAC Chapters Committee

Mission statement:
The mission of the Chapter Committee is to promote, create, and sustain chapters, Special-interest-groups (SIG’s), Chapters-in-formation (CIF). The committee is a liaison between the national office and the chapters.


•    Provide support to chapters, SIG’s, CIF’s, by being available and providing networking for all
•    Support chapters as needed to be compliant with national guidelines
•    Be available to chapters as a resource and to assist with problems, etc.
•    Assist chapters in development of chapter leaders.
•    Support persons who are interested in forming chapters.

Description of Activities:

•     The Chapters Committee meets via teleconference calls periodically throughout the year plus an in-person meeting at ANAC's annual conference. 
•    Committee members provideoutreach to local chapter leaders periodically throughout the year. 
•    Committee assists with orienting new chapters and chapter leaders to the national organization.
•    Committee assists the national office in ensuring submission of annual chapter reports.
•    Committee provides assistance to chapters as needed.
•    Committee Chair works with the national office and Board Liaison to maintain open communication between chapter leaders, the chapter committee and the national office.

Time Commitment:
Chair and Co-Chair: 5 hours per month during reporting months and teleconference month, 2-5 hours per month all other times
Committee Members: Approximately 30 min per month (not all months)

2014 Chair:  Jeffrey Kwong

2014 ANAC Board Liaison:  Gwendolyn Childs

2014 Chapters Committee:  Kathy Bell, Madeline Bronaugh, Carol Cohen, Daphne Greenawalt, Mark Pavlick, and Andrea Vinet

Reporting Requirements for Chapters

•    October of the current year: Chapter Elections
•    November 1st: ANAC Chapter Leadership List due to national office
•    November: Leadership meeting at annual conference
•    January 31st:  Annual Report of Chapter Board of Directors
A.    Chapter Compliance Self-Assessment
B.    Signature Page
C.    Chapter Treasurer’s Report
•    March 1st: Late Reminder to Chapter Presidents and Chapter Board Members for incomplete annual reports
•    April 1st: Recommendation of Charter Revocation
•    June 15th: Chapter Recognition Award Submission Deadline
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