Finance Committee

 Provide input into the sound fiscal management of ANAC through financial review, financial policy updates and budgetary oversight. Fulfill mandates of bylaws and ensure the efficient and ethical conduct of financial management.

One of three ANAC standing committees.


Review balance sheets, revenue and loss statements, fund account status and other fiscal issues as needed.


  • ANAC treasurer (committee chair) 
  • ANAC president
  • Two members of the board as recommended by the treasurer and appointed by the president
  • Two members from the general membership appointed for a 2-year term, selected by the treasurer
  • The executive director

Time commitment

There is a monthly time commitment of at least 1-2 hours. This committee meets by conference call quarterly, via teleconference as needed and and gathers in committee at the annual conference.


Committee chair: Joachim Voss, Treasurer   
Members:  Jeff Kwong, Jason Farley, Carole Treston, Rosemary Walulu
Board liaison: Joachim Voss

Administrative forms

Quarterly Report
Committee Annual Report

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