The Impact of HIV Latinos in the Deep South

The Impact of HIV Latinos in the Deep South

Saturday, November 8, 2014
8:45 am – 10:15 am

Erik Valera
Program Director
Latinos in the Deep South
Latino Commission on AIDS

Carlos Maldonado,Director of
Puente Para La Salud (Bridge to Health) and
Tratamiento Ahora (Treatment Now)
Latino Commission on AIDS

Alex Barros
Statewide MSM Coordinator
Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade

Latinos in the Deep South is program of the Latino Commission on AIDS was created in 2007 in response to the needs of a quickly growing Hispanic/Latino population in the traditional south.  As Hispanic populations grow in the south so does HIV incidence as do inequities along the continuum of care. We’ll provide you with understanding of the impact HIV is having in the southern US including the challenges the healthcare infrastructure faces in addressing HIV prevention and care with Hispanics. Our panel will help shed light on the experiences of Latino men that have sex and HIV positive Hispanics, and how to address linkage and retention with this population. 

Erik Valera is Program Director for Latinos in the Deep South at the Latino Commission on AIDS.  The program focuses on the emerging Latino population in southern states and related areas with burgeoning Latino communities.  His program serves to assist communities and organizations; build local leadership, strengthen networks and coalitions, enhance knowledge and cultural responsiveness, and spur actions to address the needs of the emerging Latino/Hispanic populations. Since 1993 he’s worked to implement community and clinical programs for those affected by the HIV epidemic. Additionally, his expertise serves to support organizations and communities in the areas of community based participatory research, health communication, and organizational sustainability. 

Carlos Maldonado is the Program Director for Bridge to Health and Treatment Now at the Latino Commission on AIDS. He has been in the field of HIV since 1989 (25yrs) and working in the Latino Commission on AIDS since 1995 (19 years), Mr. Maldonado facilitates and provides training sessions, health education and treatment advocacy. Mr. Maldonado, served as a member of different Community Advisory Boards on clinical trials, translate medical and clinical research material. Serves as a speaker in two international vaccine conferences.

Alex Barros is the Statewide MSM Coordinator for the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade.  Mr. Barros received on the job training in program monitoring and evaluation throughout his 20-year career in the field.  Prior to becoming MSM Coordinator he held positions on the Young Men’s Survey team in Florida and Los Angeles.  Additionally he served as the Director of Prevention at the South Beach AIDS Project Association and the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association.




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