Faith Based Communities: Combating Homophobia, Stigma and Discrimination

Faith Based Communities: Combating Homophobia,
Stigma and Discrimination

Friday, November 7, 2014
10:30 am – Noon


Cynthia Archibald, PhD, RN

Diane Clements-Walton RN, MS, CNS

Jennifer Stewart PhD, RN

The goal of faith-based organizations is to aid in ways to reach, teach and reduce the risk of participating in any high-risk behaviors.

The religious leader has always been the source and resource for the healing of their respective church.  Within the Afro-American Church the religious doctrine helps in maintaining one’s cultural belief and core values.  When church leaders refuse to deal with or embrace HIV within the church it also causes the community to suffer.  The problems then leak out into the community leaving it members broken and confused.  How then do we within the church walls and outside in the community rally around Homophobia, Stigma and Discrimination?  Without leadership leaving the faith base communities to question their faith and not seek needed education and prevention.  There is a need for researchers to develop culturally appropriate strategies for religious leaders in dealing with their own personally issues.


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