P - 1:  Dual Nursing Role: Effectiveness in Adolescent Transition and Perinatal Outreach

Kimberley Bickes
Janice Piatt
Amy Edmonds

P - 2:  Transitioning Youth to Adult Care through Project ACCESS (Adolescent Connecting Care to Engage, Strive and Succeed) - Handout 1

Jamal Hailey
Joyell Arscott

P – 3:  Condom Attitudes of Older Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Heterosexual Men Using Prescribed Sexual Enhancement Drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Eric Fenkl
Sande Gracia Jones
Carol Patsdaughter
Katherine Chadwell

P – 4:  Ease of Use and Applicability of a Spanish Language Computer-Based Counseling Program to Support HIV Treatment Adherence and Risk Reduction

Michele Crespo-Fierro
Michele Shedlin
John Lizcano
Nok Chhun
Ann Kurth

P - 5:  Erie County Medical Center's (ECMC) Integrated Interdisciplinary Approach to the Mandated Offer of HIV Testing in Area Hospital's and Primary Care Settings and its Impact on Testing, Linkage to Care and Partner Notification

Mary Goodspeed
Lori Anthony

P- 6:  Diminution of Patient Waiting Time Through Task Shifting in Nigeria

Nkechi Udegboka

P - 8:  Supportive Care for HIV Infected, Older, Black MSM Who Report Extended Histories of Self Abuse

Eric Fenkl
Lincoln Pettaway

P - 9:  Incidence of HIV Infection among Infants Breastfed and those not Breastfed by HIV Positive Mothers

Goodness Ifeoma Mgbowula
Godspower Ikechukwu Mgbowula
Priscillia Nkechi Onyeka

P – 10:  Pooled 96-week ECHO and THRIVE Analysis: Rilpivirine + Emtricitabine/Tenofovir DF (FTC/TDF) Demonstrates Similar Efficacy with a more Favorable Safety Profile Compared with Efavirenz (EFV) plus Emtricitabine/Tenofovir DF FTC/TDF) in Treatment-Naïve, HIV-1 Infected Adults

Calvin Cohen
Richard Elion
Sally Hodder
Katia Boven
Lijie Zhong
Scott Williams
Bill Guyer
Andy Shave
Susan Chuck

P - 11:  School Performance in HIV Positive Children

Laura Clarke-Steffen
Erin Nelson
Amy Edmonds
Kiran Aurora
Janice Piatt

P - 12:  An Evaluation of Undergraduate Nursing Students Participating in HIV/STI Counseling and Testing During a Community Health Nursing Clinical

Joseph De Santis

P - 13:  Desire's Story: A Case Study in Power as Knowing Participation in Change

Darcel Reyes

P- 14:  A Road Map Leading to Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Treatment for HIV/HCV Coinfected Individuals

Stacey Chapman
Megan Pinkston
Michaela Maynard
Robert Boland
Gladys Torre
Mildred Perez-Cioe
Lynn Taylor

P - 15:  Developing Creative Partnerships and Working Collaborations for PLWHA - Initiating Connections to Care, Reducing Harm, and Optimizing Health

Patricia Williams
Carol Murphy

P - 16:  Reduction of Mother to Child Transmission in Rural Communities by Tracking of HIV Positive Pregnant Mothers through the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs)

Nkechi Udegboka

P - 17:  An Evaluation of the Effect of Action Meal on Malnourished PLWHA at Selected Health Facilities in Nigeria

Asabe Gomwalk
Emilia Iwu
Patrick Dakum
Rukeme Ake-Uzoigwe

P - 18:  Exploring Differences in Stress, Isolation, Physical Activity and Sleep in Older and Younger Adults Living with HIV

Allison Webel
Christopher Longenecker
Jan Hanson
Robert Salata

P - 19:  Five Collaborative Research Studies of the International Nursing Network for HIV/AIDS Research

The International Nursing Network for HIV/AIDS Research

Association of Nurses in AIDS Care 3538 Ridgewood Road, Akron, Ohio 44333-3122
tel: 800.260.6780 (toll free) 330.670.0101 (phone) fax: 330.670.0109 email: