Until There's a Cure

ANAC Announces Partnership with Until There's a Cure Foundation

The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Until There's A Cure Foundation (UTAC) to offer you an opportunity to fashionably show your support for ANAC and the fight against HIV/AIDS. Now, you can purchase one or more of the famous UTAC bracelets in a variety of styles, including jelly, cuff, and African art and also support ANAC. UTAC has recently introduced a new red beaded pin that is handcrafted by women in South Africa and other African countries severely affected by AIDS.

Through ANAC’s partnership with UTAC, ANAC will receive a donation for each item purchased. The remaining purchase price of each item goes to the good work of the Until There's a Cure Foundation. UTAC raises awareness through celebrity advertising and provides direct support for HIV and AIDS organizations through grants.

When you purchase bracelets through the Until There's A Cure website, please be sure to select ANAC in the drop down referral menu at checkout. Selecting ANAC is the only way your purchase will be credited to ANAC, and the only way we will receive a donation for your order.

Click here to check out all of the bracelets and other gear offered by UTAC. Don’t forget to select ANAC in the drop down referral menu at checkout!

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