Utah Chapter

 Utah Chapter

(Last Updated 2007)

The Utah Chapter was started by a group of 5 nurses of varying backgrounds in late 1997. We saw the need for nurses to become more educated about HIV in Utah and wanted people to become interested in caring for people with HIV/AIDS. At the time, 3 of our group worked in a hospital clinic caring for about 90% of the HIV patients in Utah. 2 of us were doing home care/hospice with the only HIV/AIDS specific program in the state of Utah. We met every month and by April of 1998 we had a membership of 13 nurses.

We have had a struggle with trying for find people willing to take office, so have taken turns throughout the years to keep the chapter going. We started having educational dinners in late 1998, which were sparsely attended. However, we now have 30-40 people attend our dinner meetings at present. Sadly, most are not interested in joining ANAC.

We remain a small, but courageous group who will continue on as long as the need is there.

Founding members: Anne Christensen (me!), Dana Smith, Mary Ann Hendrix, Karen Kone and Maggie Snyder. Early members included Nedra Carroll, Rebecca Good, Louise Eutropius, Rosemary Field, Lonny Hoffman, Suzanne Keampfer, and Sylvia Hutchinson.

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