Tampa Bay Chapter

Tampa Bay Chapter

Formerly Central Suncoast Chapter
(Last Updated 2007)

Founded:  Fall of 1993

Chartered: January 1995 as Central Suncoast Chapter

Name change: approved by National BOD in April 2000. Current name is Tampa Bay Chapter of Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

Dory Norris, M.D. sponsored a registered nurse from Tampa, Edward McKeithan, to attend the National ANAC meeting in Nashville, TN in 1993. After returning from that meeting, Mr. McKeithan began a letter witting campaign to provide information about the chapter that was soon to be starting. The first meeting was held in February, 1994 at Memorial Hospital Tampa. Other individuals who assisted Mr. McKeithan in the start-up of the Chapter were Mark Hester, Maureen Yacker, Toney Heaton, Sue Johnson and Martha Spicklemier.  Judy Cats, a pharmaceutical representative, helped sponsor the first few meetings.

Chapter Presidents  
    1995    Edward McKeithan, RN (now ARNP)
    1996    Monte Lewis, RN
    1997    Don Kurtyka, ARNP
    1998    Don Kurtyka, ARNP
    1999    Jackie Milch, ARNP
    2000    Bonnie Tiemann, ARNP
    2001    David Landry, RN
    2002    Jan Nichols, RN and Bob Williams RN
    2003    Bob Williams,RN
    2004    Don Kurtyka, ARNP
    2005    Patricia P. Gilliam, ARNP
    2006    Lois Hall, ARNP
    2007    Tina L. Van Doren-Ruppell RN MSN

Significant Chapter Events: 
•    1997 Gail Powell-Cope, PhD, ARNP received the National ANAC Nurse Researcher of the Year Award.
•    2001-2002: Don Kurtyka, MBA, MS, ARNP  was selected to be in the first group of Distinguished ANAC Lecturers.
•    2004 Don Kurtyka, MBA, MS, ARNP received the National ANAC Doctoral Student Fellowship Award.
•    2006 Rasheeta Chandler, RN, MS received the National Diversity Mentorship Scholarship

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