Southern & Northern Connecticut Chapters

The Southern Connecticut and Northern Connecticut Chapters

Chapters merged into the Connecticut Chapter in 2004
(Last Updated 2005)


The Southern Connecticut Chapter of the Association of Nurses In AIDS Care (ANAC) received its charter at the third ANAC Annual conference held in Seattle, Washington. ANAC President Jim Halloran handed the charter to Mary Dawson (Unfricht), President of the chapter. President Elect was Susan Whaling, Treasurer was Delores Herlihy, Secretary was Joyce Simpson. Some of the original chapter members include Ann Williams, Jill Strawn, Sarah Foreman, Susan Shewchuk, Susan Hanewicz (Khalil), Deborah Ferretti, Thomas Hetherington and his wife, _____, Nancy Rose, Sue McKillup, and several others.

The catchment area for the chapter was the Fairfield and New Haven counties with most of the members residing in the Greater Bridgeport and New Haven areas. Meeting location was rotated between New Haven and Bridgeport to share the burden of commuting.

We established a pattern of four educational meetings per year and one annual business meeting. One program which stands out is a half day symposium on HIV in our prisons. Joyce Simpson facilitated that program, and it was very well received.

Joyce Simpson and Mary Dawson designed and created our quilted banner.

Throughout the years, the Board of Directors functioned as the Planning Committee. From the beginning, there was a small core of members who were willing to be involved with the work of running a chapter. Many times our Presidents repeated or rotated terms of office. Past Presidents include, in no particular order: Mary Dawson Unfricht, David Hannabury, Trish Garton, Joyce Simpson, Debbie Ferretti, and Susan Hanewicz Khalil.

Our members have distinguished themselves in various ways: Jane Burgess was presented with the ANAC Educator award. Ann Williams and Sue Andrews were honored with an award for their article on women and HIV. Ann Williams also served a term on the National Board of Directors. Mary Unfricht has served on the Awards Committee and was a member of the Planning Committee for the 2003 annual conference held in New York City . Joyce Simpson served as advisor to the HIV+ Nurses Committee.

Our chapter has always tried to foster the mission and goals of ANAC. We have donated money twice to allow international HIV nurses the opportunity of attending ANAC Annual Conference. Also, this past year we sponsored an international HIV nurse with a year membership to ANAC.

The Northern Connecticut Chapter of ANAC was chartered in 1992. The catchment area for members was the state of Connecticut with the exception of the Fairfield and New Haven counties. Most of the members lived in the greater Hartford Area, and the meetings were held in Hartford. Once a year a cosponsored meeting with the Southern Chapter was held.

Ann MacGillis was the President for four years. Molly Davidson and Linda Cooney have also been President. Brother Francis Smith has been the Treasurer for the duration of the chapter. Networking and providing educational programs were the two main goals of the Northern Chapter. Active members included Linda Cooney, Molly Davidson, Agnes ______, and Jan Malone.


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