Southern California Chapter

Southern California Chapter

Chapter Disbanded in 2002
(Last Updated 2005)


The Chapter was chartered in 1992 – it is believed that Bill Mannion, RN was founder, meetings were held at Midway Hospital.

President in 1997 – Denise O’Neil
Secretary = Nancy Zavich

Quarterly meetings held at Sherman Oaks Hospital

1998 Officers

President = Jacqui Pitt
Vice President = Robert Cordova
Treasurer = Denise O’Neil

Started having quarterly meetings with dinner at hotel location in downtown LA.
April1, 1998:
•    Issues Related to Adherence to Therapy – Jacqui Pitt, RN, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
•    Nutritional Issues When Taking HIV Therapy – Shazi Shabatian, MSRD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Collaborated with LA Physicians Forum July 22, 1998 – International AIDS Conference Review

September 9, 1998:
•    AIDS Wasting, the significance and treatment – JB Molaghan, NP, ACRN, San Francisco General Hospital - Sponsored by Celgene
•    Anemia and Fatigue in HIV and AIDS – Chris Rice, NP, ACRN, Ortho Biotech - Sponsored by Ortho Biotech

December 2, 1998

•    Pediatric HIV Care - Special concerns for this population – Sarah Wheeler, MSN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
•    Psychosocial issues in Adult with HIV & AIDS – Maria Garay, Social Worker, Bethesda House Los Angeles

1999 Officers

Robert Cordova – President
Chris Rice – President elect
Jacqui Pitt – Treasurer
Margaret Miller – Nominating committee

News Letter started - AN ACtive voice

March 3, 1999
•    Current antiretroviral therapies – How to manage the side effects – Mary Adair, AIDS Health Care Foundation
•    Lipodystrophy- What is it & what should we do?  – Robert Cordova, RN, ACRN, Tammy Basile Darke, RD, C.N.S.D, CARE Clinic at St. Mary’s Medical Center

June 2, 1999
•    Psychiatric Manifestations – Sharon Huggins, RN, NP Harbor UCLA Mental Health
•    Psychotropic & HIV medications & their interactions – Sharon Huggins, RN, NP Harbor UCLA Mental Health

Petitioned National ANAC for name change to - Southern California Chapter of ANAC. This was granted.

Host Chapter for San Diego Conference in Nov 1999 – Logo adopted

President  = Chris Rice       
Robert Cordova = Immediate Past President
Jacqui Pitt = Treasurer
Rachel Belanger = Secretary

Call for nominations and chapter termination notice received 9 responses from our 32 members in favor of continuing the chapter. As this did not constitute a quorum we had to propose to national that our chapter becomes inactive during 2001, to allow a restructuring committee to form with the mission of reactivating and revitalizing the chapter in 2002.

World AIDS Day Conference in conjunction with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on December 1, 2000.

President = Chris Rice
Secretary = Rachel Belanger
Treasurer = Jacqui Pitt
Director at Large = Robert Cordova

Letter to close chapter sent to members May 2002 following a response of 9 persons out of 32 in a call for should we close or not. It was noted that a non response would be seen as a vote to close.

Attempts were made to revitalize the chapter but there was no response. Southern California Chapter of ANAC was closed.

The Chapter did form a Restructuring Ad-hoc Committee that failed to get interest of the membership to move forward with Chapter activities.

Jacqui Pitt, ACRN is the contact person for the Southern California area.

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