Seattle-Puget Sound Chapter

Seattle/Puget Sound Chapter of ANAC

(Last Updated 2011)

Our chapter was chartered in November 1992; eleven years after the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  The original chapter members were local nurses who needed to network and support each other in their daily experiences with their patients/clients who were living with HIV/ AIDS. These nurses came from a number of local health care facilities that included Bailey Boushay House, Group Health Cooperative, Harborview Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, the University of Washington Medical Center, and Virginia Mason Medical Center.

Names of Founding Chapter Members:  The following members are gleaned from records starting in 1994 after speaking with several early members: Constance O'Hara was the first board president, Pat Farrell was treasurer, Rose Alfred was secretary.  Other founding or early members included Heather Andersen, Marie-Annette Brown, Margot Bykonen, Anna Drexler, Beth Francis, Fariba Fuller, Carol Glenn, Marla Gundle, Patricia Philben and Norma Rolfsen.

Chapter Meetings:  Since our inception there have been several notable consistencies in our chapter meetings.  These include that our meetings always have a business component; food is offered (brought by members in the early days and catered more recently); and guest speakers offer education on how to better manage the care of HIV/AIDS patients/clients. Committees still in existence since the original charter include Education, Membership and Newsletter.  Our meetings have been intermittently supported over the years by various pharmaceutical representatives. Our December meeting typically includes an update from the annual ANAC national conference. 

Membership:  Local membership dues have remained $20 per year.  Non-members continue to be admitted without charge.  Membership has consistently been about 20-25 members, although one of our past presidents, Norma Rolfsen, reports local membership has been as high as 37 members. 

Changes:  Although the original chapters met every other month, current meetings are now quarterly.  Instead of the paper ballots of the past, current chapter elections are now conducted via email.  The printed chapter newsletter has also been replaced by an electronic version.  Our chapter is operating under a strategic plan that was adapted several years ago from the Greater Atlanta chapter.  Plans are also in place to formally develop chapter nomination and research committees.   

Accomplishments:  Our chapter’s members are very busy!  Members are consistently represented on the planning committee for the HIV Nursing Update sponsored by the University Of Washington School Of Continuing Nursing Education.  This large annual conference is attended by nurses/nurse practitioners, cases managers, and social workers caring for HIV/AIDS patients from the Puget Sound region.  In addition to our members being on the planning committee, we also have a table at the conference where we display our chapter’s vinyl banner and pass out membership applications, future meeting information, and educational pamphlets.

Several of our chapter’s members have received national ANAC awards.  Carol Glenn received the Joanne Ruiz Achievement Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice in 2000.  Rob Carroll was one of two recipients for the JANAC Outstanding Research Article Award in 2000.  Mary Jo O’Hara was awarded the Pediatric Nursing Excellence Award in 2001. 

Members are also involved in national ANAC leadership positions and committees.  Rob Carroll is the current national ANAC secretary and Michelle Burton is on the national ANAC chapters’ committee.  Ann Kurth is a former ANAC president. 

Our members have contributed to the HIV/AIDS literature.  Ann Kurth and Mary Jo O’Hara both were contributing authors of the first ACRN certification review book.  

Members have been involved in international HIV/AIDS care.  Deb Goldman and Joey Merrifield have gone to China where they provided patient care education to nurses.  Deb Goldman has also gone to India and Joey Merrifield has also gone to Haiti to train nurses.  Mary Jo O’Hara has trained nurses in Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Russia. 

Chapter plans for the future:  The 2005-6 Seattle-Puget Sound Chapter Executive Board and our members are in the process of deciding our future goals.  We are looking at how our chapter can get more involved in local and international HIV/AIDS activities. 

Our chapter faces the challenges of how to maintain and increase membership and continue to meet the educational needs of our members working in the changing environment of care for the patient with HIV/AIDS.  The executive board will continue to discuss these issues and request member feedback on these issues at future chapter meetings.  

Seattle/Puget Sound Chapter Presidents:

1992      Constance O’Hara
1993      Beth Francis
1994      Norma Rolfsen
1995      Constance O’Hara
1996      Norma Rolfsen
1997      George Sharpe
1998      Margo Bykonen
1999      Margo Bykonen
2000      Rob Carroll
2001      Steve Wroblewski
2002      Michelle Burton
2003      Mary Jo O’Hara
2004      Pat Hogan
2005      Michelle Burton
2007      Jill Marotta
2008      Rob Carroll
2009      Craig Koball
2010      Anna-Marie Drexler
2011      Shuna Applin

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