Rocky Mountain Chapter

Rocky  Mountain Chapter

(Last Updated 2007)


On November 9, 1997, our organization became chartered. This was due to the effort and dedication of its founding board: Larry Sharkey, President, Nancy Bathurst, President-Elect, Anne Hageman, Secretary and Jo Becker, Treasurer who had been meeting since July of 1996. Since it’s beginning, a minimum of 10 nurses has always been maintained. Currently our membership is strong at about 40 members. We meet at least 5 times per year to provide an educational opportunity for our members.  As is stated in our Charter Application: “The Rocky Mountain Chapter of ANAC is ANAC’s voice in Colorado” and with that in mind, our membership selects the program topics.  This year as in all years we have had a wide variety of topics covered including HIV care in the prisons, HIV in pregnant women, mental health issues in HIV, and pre-exposure prophylaxis.
Our chapter currently has many members who are AIDS Certified Registered Nurses. We have several members who are Associate members, not registered nurses, but community members such as pharmacists, information system administrators, case managers and social workers who feel strongly about preserving nursing education and educating themselves on HIV.    

Over the course of the past 10 years numerous events have been held with the purpose of continuing education. For many years, during the Rocky Mountain Conference on HIV, we hosted a reception to advertise our existence, gain membership and award scholarships to nursing students with a focus in AIDS care. We have recently started an endeavor to give more to the community that we serve. We have advertised a competitive grant for AIDS Service Organizations and we have given grants to local ASOs for specific purposes such as dental care, clinic co-pays, drug reimbursement, transportation and social support. We hope to be able to continue this annually.

We are proud of our membership’s contributions to ANAC on a National level and their contributions to AIDS care everywhere.  Included in our membership is a past president of National ANAC, a past National Board member and the current Editor of JANAC. Several of our members have traveled to resource-limited countries to set up clinics or volunteer in hospices, many are advanced practice nurses and many have been members since Rocky’s inception. We are often able to sponsor members who want to travel to the National ANAC conference.

Here is a list of our annual Board members. The years 1997 and 1998 are a bit sketchy since that was the year of the charter and the leadership roles may have been extended but not documented.  The first decade of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care has been memorable and we look forward to the next decade.

•    Larry Sharkey, Pres;
•    Nancy Bathurst, Pres Elect;
•    Anne Hageman, Secretary;
•    Jo Becker, Treasurer

•    Bev Putnam, Pres;
•    Nancy Bathurst, Pres-Elect;
•    Anne Hageman, Secretary;
•    Jo Becker, Treasurer

•    Nancy Bathurst, Pres;
•    Shelly Witherspoon, Pres-Elect;
•    Anne Hageman, Secretary;
•    Jo Becker, Treasurer

•    Nancy Bathurst, Past Pres;
•    Shelly Witherspoon, Pres;
•    Claire Kaplan, Pres-Elect;
•    Carol Siracusa-Rick, Secretary;

•    Shelly Witherspoon, Past-Pres;
•    Claire Kaplan, Pres;
•     Liz Taylor-Kotanion, Pres-Elect;
•    Carol Siracusa-Rick, Secretary;
•    Matt Vitaska, Treasurer

•    Claire Kaplan, Past-Pres;
•    Matt Vitaska, Pres;
•    Carolyn Sipes, Pres-Elect,
•    Debra Bridge, Secretary;
•    Shannon Evans, Treasurer;
•    Shelley Witherspoon, Nominating Committee

•    Carolyn Sipes, Pres;
•    Carol Siracusa-Rick, Pres-Elect;
•    Emily Barr, Secretary;
•    Carol Siracusa-Rick, Treasurer,
•    Carol Salbenblatt, Nominating Chair.

•    Carol Siracusa-Rick, Pres;
•    Emily Barr, Pres-Elect;
•    Emily Barr, Secretary;
•    Peggy Hamilton, Treasurer;
•    Carol Salbenblatt, Nominating Chair.

•    Carol Siracusa-Rick, Past-Pres;
•    Emily Barr, Pres;
•    Dan Eide, Pres. Elect;
•     Kay Kinzie, Secretary,
•    Peggy Hamilton, Treasurer;
•    Carol Salbenblatt, Nominating Chair

•    Emily Barr, Past Pres;
•    Dan Eide, Pres;
•    Suzy Jed, Pres Elect;
•    Kay Kinzie, Secretary;
•    Diane LaMay, Treasurer;
•    Carol Salbenblatt, Nominating Chair.

•    Carol Siracusa-Rick, Past Pres;
•    Graham Ray, Pres;
•    Kay Kinzie, Pres Elect;
•    Jim Scott, Secretary;
•    Diane LaMay, Treasurer;
•    Jenny Scanlon, Nominating Chair.

Leadership for 2008: Kay Kinzie, President Jeffrey Kwong, President-Elect Graham Ray, Immediate Past President Jim Scott, Secretary Peggy Hamilton, Treasurer Peter Prutch, Nominating Committee Karen Lyda, member at large Diane LaMay, member at large 2009 Leadership Jeffrey Kwong, President Amy Witte, President-Elect Kay Kinzie, Immediate-Past President Craig Nielsen, Secretary Peggy Hamilton, Treasurer Karen Lyda, Nominating Committee Peter Prutch, Member at Large Julie Predhomme, Member at Large Tara Kennedy, Member at Large Graham Ray, Member at Large 2010 Leadership: Amy Witte, President Tara Kennedy, President-Elect Jeffrey Kwong, Immediate Past-President Jim Scott, Secretary Julie Predhomme, Treasurer Peter Prutch, Nominating Committee Carol Siracusa-Rick, Member at Large Graham Ray, Member at Large

In 2009 our goal was to transition the focus back on the Community. We began our Community Partnership Presentations at our meetings. We invited members of local community-based organizations to present to our membership so that we could put a "face to a name" and build our collaboration and rapport with the agencies that serve our clients. We also increased the number of membership meetings to over 9 meetings with nearly 50-75% attendance at each meeting. We continued our work with the 9 News Health Fairs, and also gave away $1,000 in our community giving grant. To address the growing concern of a future workforce shortage, we began an HIV Nursing Mentorship Program and our participant successfully completed the program and has applied to the HIV specialty Nurse Practitioner Program at UCSF. Finally we began an ACRN incentive program and had 6 new ACRNs as a result of this program. Finally, we applied and received the 2009 Chapter Recognition Award! This was a great honor and represented the hard work that our chapter did over the course of the year. We are looking forward to ongoing success in 2010.

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