North Florida Chapter

North Florida Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

(Last Updated 2004)

Year Chapter was Founded: November 2002

Founding Chapter Members: Angela Weaver, Lisa Gorospe, Willie Roberts and Sherri Buckman

Chapter Presidents:
Lisa Gorospe Year 2003
Angela Weaver Year 2004
Willie Roberts Year 2005

Significant Chapter Events:

  • During the year of 2003, eleven educational sessions were provided to nurses locally and surrounding counties.
  • In 2004, nine educational workshops were provided and food drive in November which donations were given to a local AIDS food closet.
  • December 9, 2004 an appreciation Christmas party was held for members and workshop sponsors. Chapter purchased a table for World AIDS Day award luncheon, guest speaker Dr. J. Elders

Chapter members consist of diverse group of professionals bring multifaceted skills, expertise and experience for the good of the chapter.

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