New Orleans SIG

New Orleans Nurses in AIDS Care

Chapter Dissolved into a Special Interest Group in 2007
(Last Updated 2005)


NONAC was formed in July 1992, by a group of dedicated nurses working in the field of in-patient and outpatient care.  By January 1993 bylaws were adopted and officers were elected.  In the first year of existence NONAC formed education, nominating, research and communications committees, many of which are still in existence or have been transformed into regionally recognized periodicals and training programs in collaboration with the Delta Region AIDS Education and Training Center (DAETC).

NONAC 2004-2005 has roughly 40 active general members and has maintained a large and dedicated and active membership throughout the last 13 years.    New HIV nurses are welcomed into the discipline via NONAC, and provided an on-going training and networking opportunities on a regular basis.  NONAC’s board utilizes an active mentoring process whereby future presidents are mentored for one year and presidents remain active the following year to past down leadership skills and provide continuity of programs and services.

NONAC attracts New Orleans area members by awarding providing on continuing education programs specific to HIV/AIDS, hosting at least one open meeting at the beginning of each year to expand the network to include new nurses.  NONAC has been notable for it’s retention of active members and leaders many of whom are known and honored as well within ANAC as lecturers and officers.  These national leaders in AIDS nursing were local champions long ago and still remain active in mentoring our organization.  Notable Presidents and events within NONAC include:

1993 and 2004:
President Demetrius Porche, 1993-1996: Carpe Diem Newsletter

Journal club

1994: First Journal Club Meeting, Marsha Bennett awarded ANAC nursing Fellowship award
*1995 Complementary Therapies for the impaired immune person
1996: Christine Brennen President, Carpe Diem Newsletter changed to regular column in Faculty Notes, the DAETC bi-monthly publication
*1997: HIV wasting seminar with 130 participants

1997: Harlee Kutzen President, Carol Pindaro receives the Clinical Excellence and HIV Leadership Award, D. Porche is Assistant editor of JANAC

1997-2000 NONAC columns in “Faculty Notes”
*1997 Awards banquet, anabolic Steroids presentation- 140 participants, Crawfish Boil Social
*1998: Treatment Compliance update, STD Update, Hope in HIV, Awards Banquet
*2001 and 2004 DAETC/NONAC review course for ACRNs. As a result ____ nurses were certified

2002: Jane Martin: NONAC President and Principal Investigator of the DAETC

2003: Emerging Therapies, Lipodystrophy, Fuzeon Case Studies, Anemia in HIV/HCV co-infection

2004: ANAC Conference in New Orleans, Marsha Bennett was Conference Committee Chair; DAETC/NONAC sponsored Gift cups, Host table, 7 conference speakers, and Jazz Funeral Memorial service.  Marsha Bennett awarded ANAC President’s award, Bobby Wozniak received NONAC Extra Mile award

*2004: Once a day Regimens, HIV in Corrections, Mental Health Issues and HIV, ANAC Conference in New Orleans
*2005: Medication Update

All programs with * denotes that it was a CE offering

Service Accomplishments:
  • Medication and medical supply recycling to agencies for donation to developing countries
  • NONAC volunteers for the annual NO/AIDS walk
  • Used reference materials and book shipment to Nigeria
  • Donation towards AIDS Project in Haiti
  • Sponsorship of patient snacks in clinic
  • Clinic beatification projects
  • First AID stations provided at Annual NO/AIDS Walk
  • Pick-up and Shipping of Recycled HIV Medications and other drugs and supplies to agencies for distribution to developing countries
Research Accomplishments
Members Utilize NONAC as an organization in which to network regarding research activities.  Several NONAC members are or were engaged in HIV/AIDS research activities that partner with local community based organizations and national clinical research initiatives.


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