North Carolina Triangle Chapter

North Carolina Triangle Chapter

(Last Updated 2007)


1994: North Carolina Triangle Chapter (in formation) started by Robert Dodge, RN and Penny Jones, RN (both from DUMC).
•    Robert Dodge elected 1st president.
•    7th Annual Conference, HIV on the cutting edge, Nashville, TN.

1995 Topics:
    Spiritual issues- Mary Milbourne, Minister
    Nutritional issues- Margie Shelton, RD
    Pediatric AIDS- Lisa Ferguson, RN
    What’s in the pipeline?- Robert Dodge
    Complementary Care- Tony Adinolfi

1996: North Carolina Triangle Chapter receives official chapter status.
•    Tony Adinolfi first president.
•    Penny Jones, president-elect
•    Steve Harris, secretary
•    Robert Dodge, treasurer

1996 Topics for meetings:

•    HIV vaccines- Bart Haynes, MD
•    Stress management- Jon Sescovich, RN
•    Legal issues of HIV/AIDS- Carolyn McAllister, JD
•    Ritonovir, new on the scene- Shannon Branch

8th Annual Conference, Chicago.
•    Tony Adinolfi and Robert Dodge take the AIDS Certified Registered Nurse (ACRN) exam and both pass.
•    Tony Adinolfi presented, Ethical Issues of HIV at the New York City ANAC chapter.

•    Tony Adinolfi, president
•    Robert Dodge, president-elect
•    Maddy Rice, secretary
•    Shari Swan, treasurer.

1997 Topics for meetings:
•    Complications of HIV/AIDS- Alison Heald, MD
•    Dermatologic complications in HIV/AIDS- Sarah Myers, MD
•    Ethics of HIV/AIDS- Jeremy Sugarman, MD, MPh
•    Women’s issues- Elizabeth Livingston, MD
•    Update on the 4th Retrovirus meeting- Chuck Hicks, MD

1998 - Officiers
•    President- Tony Adinolfi;
•    Robert Dodge, president-elect;
•     Maddy Rice, secretary;
•    Sherri Swan, treasurer.

1998 Topics for meetings:
•    Faces of HIV/AIDS nurses
•    Update on 5th Retrovirus meeting- Chuck Hicks, MD
•    Tony Adinolfi presented update on new antiretroviral agents for the New Orleans Chapter of ANAC.

1999 - Officiers

•    President- Tony Adinolfi;
•    president-elect. Sherri Swan;
•    secretary, Maddy Rice.
•    Directors- Sue McIntyre, RN, EdD and Mary Knowlton, RN

1999 Topics for meeting:
•    Acute HIV- Chuck Hicks, MD
•    Psychological and psychosocial aspects of HIV- Jeanine Driscoll, Ph.D.
•    MAC in HIV- Alison Heald, MD
•    Herpes and CMV in HIV-John A. Bartlett, MD
•    TB in HIV- Carol Dukes-Hamilton, MD
•    Why all the regulations?- Carmen Elliott, MA
•    April, Abstract accepted to national conference in San Antonio, TX, HIV/AIDS rural outreach by nurse practitioners. Adinolfi, Dodge, Harmon and Hicks.
•    Tony Adinolfi presented Anemia and HIV for the Tampa Bay Chapter of ANAC Tampa, fla
•    Tony Adinolfi presented Strategies for early diagnosis of anemia and  proactive intervention”.  Recognizing the impact of anemia in patients  with HIV/AIDS, in conjunction with the 12th Annual Conference of the ANAC, San Diego, CA

2000 - Officiers:
•    President- Sherri Swan;
•    President-elect, Carrie Prokesch, RN.

2000 Topics for meetings:
•    New developments in fungi- Gary Cox, MD
•    The effects of protease inhibitors on triglycerides and cholesterol- Jason Stout, MD  
•    Anemia in HIV; Tony Adinolfi, ANP
•    Bacterial infections in HIV- Vance Fowler, MD
•    Tony Adinolfi presented “HIV-related Fatigue” at the evidence-based practice workshop of the annual ANAC conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2001 -  Officers:
•    President – Sherri Swan.

2001 Topics for meetings:
•    Women and spirituality- Betty Woodard, MSN, RN
•    Women and fatigue- Julie Barroso, PhD, RN
•    Psychiatric issues of HIV/AIDS- Glen Treisman, MD
•    Interleukins- Carol Dukes, MD
•    HIV in the Latino community- Chris McQuiston, PhD, FNP
•    Tony Adinolfi presented “Reaching out to the Community: An HIV/AIDS Update”, oral abstract presentation;  presented satellite program, “Safety Aspects of Antiretrovirals”, sponsored by Agouron Pharmaceuticals at the 14th Annual ANAC conference.

2002 - Officers

•    President – Tony Adinolfi
2002 Topics for meetings:
•    Hypersensitivity reactions and adverse events of ART drugs- Debra Pettaway, PharmD.
•    Tony Adinolfi presented, “Antiretroviral Therapy: Side Effects and Management” Clinical Perspectives in HIV Management, at the 15th annual conference of ANAC, San Francisco, CA.
Special mention:
•    Tony Adinolfi receives Anemia Case Study scholarship
•    November, Tony Adinolfi receives the President’s Award.
•    Robert Dodge elected to HANCB Board of Directors.
•    Robert Dodge receives Doctoral Fellowship in HIV Nursing

2003 - Officers:
•    Director- Vivianne Valdez-Hurtado
•    Tony Adinolfi elected to ANAC national Board of Directors.
•    Robert Dodge receives Anemia Case Study Award.

Robert Dodge becomes Advanced AIDS Registered Nurse (AACRN).
Robert Dodge elected to Chair ACRN Committee of HANCB
Les Harmon receives Anemia Case Study scholarship.
Meg McDaniel receives Fuzeon scholarship.

2005 - Officers:
•    Vivianne Valdez-Hurtado is chapter president.

Special Mention:
•    Robert Dodge re-elected to HANCB Board of Directors
•    Julie Barroso receives President’s Award
•    Julie Barroso chaired first National Research Conference, Palm Springs

2006: Natalie Wilson, president of chapter

2007 - Officers:

•    Naima Salahuddin, president of chapter
2007 Topics for meetings:
•    Prezista Update
•    The Big Picture: Considerations before switching (Products- Combivir and Trizivir),
•    HIV Treatment,
•    New Approaches to Complex Issues-P. Samuel Pegram, MD, Mental Health Issues
•     HIV Patients-Robert Dodge, DNSc
•    Julie Barroso and Naima Salahuddin present Fatigue Study Research at ANAC National Research Conference,San Antonio

Special Mention:
•    Naima Salahuddin and James Harmon  present Fatigue Study Research at ANAC conference, Orlando  
•    Julie Barroso inducted in FAAN

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