Greater New York Chapter

Greater New York Chapter

(Last Updated 2007)


Chapter was founded:  1989
Founding Chapter Members:

  • Michael Thorn
  • Susan Holiman
  • Joanne Staats
  • Carol Cohen
  • Susan Weiss
  • Cathy Handy
  • Janet Forcht
  • MaryJo Hoyt

Chapter Presidents:

  • 1989-90    President        Michael Thorn (Founding President)
  • 1991          President        Joanne Staats
  • 1992          President        Susan Weiss
  • 1993          President        Janet Forcht
  • 1994          President        Julie Funesti-Esch
  • 1995          President        Valerie Hughs
  • 1996          President        Gail Kropf
  • 1997          President        Glenda Winson
  • 1998          President        Carl Kirton
  • 1999          President        Patti O’Kane
  • 2000-03     President       Carol Cohen
  • 2004-05     President       Melanie Steilen
  • 2006-07     President       Annette Horvath
  • 9/2007-09  President       Laurene Clark
  • 2009-11     President       Debbie Batosn
  • 2012-13     President       Stacey Gladstone
  • 2014-15     President       Debbie Batson

Significant Chapter Events:
•    POZ Expo    1997
•    First AIDS Walk as a chapter

•    The chapter along with Cicatelli Associates has assisted in meeting and nurturing nurses in the Caribbean-NY LINK-(AETC-which trains nurses, physicians and PLWA). The chapter has continued to pay for the Caribbean nurses membership in National ANAC

•    Received Chapter Recognition award
•    After 9/11 retired the chapter banner at National Conference (with picture of Twin Towers)

•    ACRN Review course       
•    The chapter sponsored a nurse from Africa to ANAC CONF

The chapter organized other chapters to assist in the financial aspect of bringing this nurse to the conference.
•    Host chapter for the National Conference in NYC.
•    Organized bus tour of city
•    Organized evening at Radio City Music Hall
•    Distributed tee shirts to conference attendees
•    A chapter member was available 24 hr/day to assist conference attendees as needed.
•    Hosted Faces of AIDS reception


  • Chapter developed a chapter brochure
  • Chapter participating as a Mentor Chapter (Carol Cohen mentor)
  • Chapter celebrating 25th Anniversary
  • 25th Anniversary Conference Day, June 10

•    Annual all day conference since 1990
•    Monthly dinner/lecture meetings with contact hours
•    We have been fortunate to be closely associated with our local NY/NJ AETC (Cicatelli  Associates, Inc). This collaboration enables us to have free monthly meeting space with full AV equipment, assistance and staff support. They have also taken over our monthly mailing so we do not incur any cost. It is beneficial for Cicatelli because our monthly meetings are counted toward their AETC deliverables. If we have trouble obtaining faculty we tap into the expert faculty from the NY/NJ AETC and they speak at a reduced rate. Cicatelli is an approved provider of Nursing CE and they do not charge us for this process.

Other Pertinent Information about this Chapter:
Many of our past presidents and members have gone on to National leadership roles and committees:
National President: MaryJo Hoyt, Carl Kirton
National Treasurer: Joanne Staats
National Directors: Janet Forcht, Gail Kropf,  Carl Kirton, Kathy Knokes,  Pamela Dole, Melanie Steilen, Carol Cohen, Jeffrey Kwong
Chapters Committee: Gail Kropf, Carol Cohen, Jeff Kwong
Conference Committee: Carol Cohen, Janet Forcht, Beulah Hendricks, Patti O’Kane
Nominating Committee: Carol Cohen, Beulah Hendricks
HANCB:  Glenda Winson
Diversity Committee: Beulah Hendricks, Connie Hay-Alleyne, Darcel Reyes
Global Specialty Committee: Melanie Steilen
Awards Committee: Carol Cohen, Gail Kropf

ANAC Core Curriculum
Carl Kirton- Editor and contributing writer
ANAC Core Curriculum contributing editors:
o    Glenda Winson (chapter on HIV Wasting, Lipodystrophy, Diarrhea)       
o    Patti O’Kane (chapter on spirituality)
o    Valerie Hughs (chapter on Prevention of HIV infection)
o    Pamela Dole (chapter on Cervical Neoplasia, Depression, Primary Anxiety Disorders, Pregnant Women, Women)
o    Kathy Nokes (chapter on Sleep Disturbances, Older Persons)
o    Mary Geiger (chapter on Adolescents)

Handbook on HIV/AIDS
Carl Kirton - Author

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