Dallas Chapter

Dallas Chapter

(Last Updated 2004)


During the national meeting in November 1989, Tom Emanuele and Marte O'Brien signed up to try to form a local chapter. On December 18, 1989, Vickie Badgley of the national ANAC office wrote a letter to Marte O'Brien in response to Ms. O'Brien's request for information about forming a local ANAC chapter. Less than a year later, the Dallas Chapter received its charter at the Seattle meeting in November 1990. Dallas was 1 of 6 chapters across the country and members played key roles in the leadership of the national organization. Tom Emanuele served on the National Education Committee and Marte O'Brien served on the National Clinical Practice Committee.  From the National Education Committee, came the HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board.  That process started after a big Education Committee Meeting in NYC in 1993. Two members of that committee were also presidents of the Dallas Chapter at different times before and after serving on the HANCB as founding president (Barbara Rickert and founding secretary Tom Emanuele).  

Financial challenges are a theme across the history of the chapter starting with a bank balance of $23.00 in December of 1990.  Another challenge has been having a place to meet. Meetings have been held at clinics, AIDS service organizations, and restaurants.
From its inception, the Dallas chapter focused on learning. Early topics for programs were clinical manifestations of opportunistic disease, the medical examiner's guidelines for do not resuscitate, and attitudinal healing. Dennis Ashworth of the Dallas County Health Department described the changing definition of the epidemic in early 1993.   

February 1992, the chapter had a booth at the Texas Nurses Association's Job Opportunity Fair, along with other nursing specialty organizations. We also were there in 1991 and 1993. Community activities: Participated in multiple LifeWalks over the years.
In 1997, the chapter received $2000 from Merck as a grant. The chapter had 14 members. Limited records exist for the time from 1997 to 2000. In 2000, the chapter received three pharmaceutical grants for speaker for meetings and other chapter activities.  
Despite challenges of maintaining membership, the Dallas chapter has continuously from its inception. One of our members, Tom Emanuele, has been very active at the national level. He has served on almost all the committees of ANAC, as well as serving as the Chairperson of the 2000 National Conference held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dallas Chapter Presidents

1990: Tom Emanuele
1991: Tom Emanuele
1992: Mary Mallory
1993: Tom Emanuele
1996: Tom Emanuele
1997: M. K. Brown
2000: Tuula Person
2001: Barbara Rickert
2002: Monica Abbott
2003: Tim Summrall
2004: Kathy Bell
2005: Jennifer Gray

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