Chicago Chapter

Chicago Chapter

(Last Updated 2007)

In October 1989, Susan Whaling, AIDS Nurse Clinician, at Michael Reese Medical Center, coordinated a meeting of Chicago area nurses involved in HIV/AIDS care.  Twenty-five nurses attended this first meeting.  We identified that Chicago needed a professional nursing organization for those for AIDS Care, a Chicago Chapter of ANAC.  In November, we appealed to the Executive National Board of The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) at the Second Annual National ANAC Conference in Dallas/Fort Worth, officially develop a Chicago Chapter of ANAC.

In December 7, 1989, the following  ten active members: Araceli Alfalfa (Macalik, Lisa Williams, Connie Gardner, George Mckeel, Geraldine Alexander, Judy Touloumis, Joyce Fitzpatrick, Joann Deutsche, Nancy Wegener and Bradford Farrington  became the firsts members of CNAC.  Araceli Alfalfa (Macalik) elected Acting Chairman.  Three task forces formed were:  Membership, Planning Committee and Organizational/Legal.

The Chicago Nurses in AIDS Care (CNAC) then met monthly. The mailing list contained over seventy nurses. Each member received past meeting minutes and notification of future meetings.  We have met at different Chicago area AIDS care facilities.

The following members have served as officers and members of CNAC board 

•    Arci Micalik,
•    MaryAnn Colletti,
•    Lisa Williams,
•    Michael Murray
•    Flora Kocol,
•    Karen Coleman, 
•    Randall Schultz,
•    Michelle Agnoli,
•    Margaret Dykeman,
•    Mary Caprio,
•    Joanne Despotes,
•    Kelly Fugate,
•    Kim Stieglitz,
•    Linda Ungerleider,
•    Kathy Schilder,
•    Diane Clements-Walton.

•    Brad Farrington                               

•    Nancy Wegener,
•    Patricia Moss,
•    Bradford Farrington,
•    Scott Chimburg,
•    James Bruce,
•    Joanne Despotes,
•    Rosemary Cleaveland,
•    Karen Coleman.

•    Nancy Wegener,
•    Nancy Priller,
•    Patrick Robinson,
•    Barbara Berger, Joanne Despotes  

Arci Micalik, Lisa Williams, Michael Murray Flora Kocol, Karen, Coleman,  Randall Schultz, Michelle Agnoli, Margaret Dykeman, Mary Caprio, Joanne Despotes, Kelly Fugate, Kim Stieglitz, Linda Ungerleider, Kathy Schilder, Diane Clements-Walton., Donna Boehm, MaryAnn Colletti, Bradford Farrington, Joyce Fitzpatrick, Connie Gardner, George Mekeel, Patricia Moss, Nancy Wegener, , Pam Urbanski,  Kelly Fugate, Rosa Ortiz,  Kim Stieglitz, Pamela Ferrell, Christina Booth, Gina Recchio, Thomas Walton, Michele Agnoli., Annie Munana, Norma Rolfsen, Tom Doyle

Chapter  Historians:  
•    Bradford Farrington,
•    Karen Coleman,
•    Jim Bruce.

•    Flora Kocol,
•    Joanne Despotes,
•    Randall Schultz,
•    Diane Clements-Walton,
•    Pamela Ferrell-Gonzalez

December 1989:
Dallas, TX, 2nd Annual ANAC National Conference   
Ten active members voted to seek charter as a local chapter with The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC).

May 1990:
We sponsored our first general assembly meeting at Illinois Masonic Medical Center our first Program Sponsor.
Les/Bi/Gay was or second Program Sponsor.

May 1990:
Created Bylaws 

August 1990:     
Letter of Agreement sent to ANAC National office.

November 1990:
Seattle, WA, 3rd Annual ANAC National Conference
Chicago was among the first six chapters to receive its charter.

March 1991: 
The “Inaugural Meeting” of the Chicago chapter of ANAC took place on March 12, 1991
at Danilo’s restaurant.  MaryAnn Colletti, acting President, officiated

March 1992:
CNAC feature in an article in the Nursing Spectrum.

October 1993:
Orlando, FL   6th Annual ANAC National Conference
Chicago nurses presented five of the 43 posters (or 11%)!  Members served on National Committees:  Patrick Robinson serving on the membership and PR committee.  Felicia Cohen is serving on the national core curriculum committee, and Brad Farrington is part of the HIV Infected Healthcare Worker Committee. 

Lobbying effort for the National Conference to come to Chicago

Richard J. Daley, Mayor City of Chicago invited ANAC to hold their 1996 Conference in Chicago.

October 1996:
Chicago, IL    
First Certification exam for ACRN
47 Illinois nurses passed the examination for certification as an AIDS Certified Registered Nurse (A.C.R.N.). 
Those member were :  Michelle Agnoli,  Margo Bausch, Gwen Bohlke, Jean Bonell-Lucia, Jim Bruce, Mary Caprio, Rosemary Cleveland, Karen Coleman, Marykay Czerwiec, Michael Dearing, Joanne Despotes, Margaret Doyle, Violet Draper, Pamela Duncan, Margaret Dykeman, Brad Farrington, Pamela Ferrell, Lauren Foster, Ruth Gilmore, Kathryn Haas, Karen Knier, Flora Kocol, Gary Mackey, Marc Mal, Sharon O’Dwyer, Rosa Ortiz, Betty Pidcock, Kathy Pietchmann, Helen Pytlewicz, David Rhodes, Patrick Robinson, Jacqueline Rohaly-Davis, Deborah Rubenbauer, Randall Schultz, Marla Schwarber, Susan Scully, Roger Sullivan, Barbara Swanson, Darrin Tharp, Judith Touloumis, Judith Turner, Rita Verheggen, Joyce Wegmuller, Lisa Williams, John Wilson, Harriett Wittert, and Jeffrey Zulinden.

October 31, 1996:
Chicago, IL    
CNAC welcomed the National Conference to Chicago with a Blowout Halloween Party!

November 1996:
Chicago, IL hosted 9th Annual ANAC National Conference
Patrick Robinson – National Conference Planning Chairperson, National Treasurer
Chicago Conference Planning Committee: Karen Coleman, Mary Caprio, Joanne Despotes
November 1996:
•    CNAC represented on the ANAC Board of Directors: Patrick Robinson
•    CNAC represented on the ANAC Committees:
•    Margaret Dykeman, Joanne Despotes, Brad Farrington

November 1997:
Miami, FL, 10th Annual ANAC National Conference
Margaret Dykeman, et al, Received JANAC Outstanding Article Award

December 1997:
CNAC members have hosted and been interviewed on AIDS Call-In Live, a Community Access Cable Channel 21 educational TV show in Chicago on a Wednesday evening from every four weeks. AIDS Call-In Live airs every Monday and Wednesday with different host groups and allows viewers to call in with questions.

September 1998:
38 people attended the program on entitled “Sharing Our Experience:  Practical Approaches to Adherence.”  Committee members are working on writing up the mock drug trial project and survey results submitted to JANAC.   The article was published in JANAC.

October 1998:
CNAC 1st Award Presentations:
Member award:     Lisa Williams.
Non-member award:   Mary Lou Wallner.

November 1999: 
San Diego, CA, 12th Annual ANAC National Conference
 The First Outstanding Chapter award present at the National Conference was awarded to CNAC.

January 2001:
CNAC celebrate tenth anniversary with a dinner program and celebration. Seven  of ten founding members were presented and recognized.

November 2001:
Minneapolis, Mn 14th Annual ANAC National Conference
Patrick Robinson, elected National President, 2001- 2005

November 2003:
New York, NY 16th Annual ANAC National Conference
CNAC represented on national ANAC Committees:
Diane Clements-Walton, Diversity Specialty Committee

November 2006:
Las Vegas, NV, 19th Annual ANAC National Conference
Patrick Robinson received the Frank Lamendola Achievement Award Leadership

January 2007:
AIDS Call-In Live Show went to one hour.

ANAC Conference:
We are proud to note that Chicago has the most chapter attendees at all conferences, usually 25-30. We always make sure that we find time to spend together as a group!


We apologize if we have forgotten to acknowledge any member name, office, award or achievement.  We will strive to keep our history current and accurate any information provided to ensure this, always will be, and greatly appreciated.  The Chicago Chapter Board of Directors.

Present Officer and Committee Chairpersons 2007-2008
•    Immediate Past President:   Kathy Schilder
•    President:   Diane Clements-Walton
•    President Elect: Kathy Schilder
•    Secretary:  Rosemary Cleaveland
•    Treasurer:  Karen Coleman
•    Board Members:  Randall Schultz, Michele Agnoli, Linda Ungerleider, Barbara Berger, Doris Carroll, Norma Rolfsen, Kristen Cleaveland
•    Membership Committee:  Board Members
•    Program Committee: Michele Agnoli
•    Bylaws Committee:  Board Members
•    Nominations Committee:  Barbara Berger, Norma Rolfsen, Randall Schultz 
•    Awards Committee:  Barbara Berger  
•    Newsletter:  Randall Schultz
•    Historian:   Karen Coleman
•    AIDS Call-In Live:  Clarinda Roco and Kevin Barrett
•    Outreach Committee:  Diane Clements-Walton


2011 Kevin Barrett MS, ANP-BC elected current president 2012 at National conference in Arizona

Michelle Agnoli MS, RN is a national presenter

Norma Rolfsen is presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award

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