Central Virginia Chapter

Central Virginia Chapter

(Last Updated 2005)

Chartered: 2003

Founding Members:  Dwight Rackley
                                   Jane Kaatz
                                   Karla Batten
                                   Martha Howe
                                   Donna Taliaferro
                                   R. Kevin Mallison
                                   Jane Settle
                                   Johanna McKee
                                   Robert Higginson
                                   Carol Clark
                                   Bruce Mercier
                                   Debbie Camana
                                   Jodie Dowhan
                                   Carline Jean-Gilles
                                   Caryn Weir-Wiggins
                                   Jeanne Salyer
                                   Chantelle Wyglendowski
                                   Christopher Coleman
                                   Kathleen Genther
                                   Vicky Watson

Dwight Rackley, President
Karla Batten, Secretary
Martha Howe, Treasurer

Jane Kaatz, President
Karla Batten, Secretary
Martha Howe, Treasurer

Martha Howe, President
Dwight Rackley, Secretary
Debbie Camana, Treasurer

Current Members in National Leadership: 
Debbie Camana  HANCB, 2004–2007
Carline Jean-Gilles  Nominations Committee, Chair  2005-2006

On the evening of November 21, 2002, an enthusiastic group of HIV care nurses and associates gathered together in the lunchroom of the Infectious Disease Clinic at Virginia Commonwealth University.  During this brainstorming session, we discussed a million topics ranging from long-term goals and a name for “our” chapter to who would pay for the next dinner.  By the end of the first couple meetings, we realized we did have enough very dedicated practitioners to start a chapter.  With Dwight Rackley spearheading our application process, we officially were chartered in October, 2003 and received recognition at the 2003 ANAC Conference in New York City.

Our goals have been to stay current in the field, become an active and vital part of the HIV community, and reach out to medical units in our hospitals.  To achieve this, a working group was established to develop a computer generated discharge plan for newly diagnosed and chronically infected HIV + hospitalized patients.  This group continues to work on this project.

Though our numbers have dwindled due to relocation to other states and chapters by 3 charter members and some others leaving the field, we continue with a core of about a dozen individuals continuing to support Central VA Chapter.  Plans for recruiting more hospital nurses are under way.

Meeting Programs:
05/16/05  “Coronary Risks and Lifestyle in Patients with HIV-1 Infection”  Jeanne Salyer, PhD, RN and Debra Lyon, PhD, RN,  VCU School of Nursing

03/21/05  “Antiretroviral Sequencing and Medication Side Effects and Impact on Lab Values” Robert Higginson, PA-C, VCU Health Systems

01/17/05  “Enfuritide: Strategies for Success”  LuAnn Gahagan, ACRN, CCRC, Eastern Virginia Medical School

09/20/04  “Management of HIV in the Prison Setting”  Ellen Rappoport, MPH


05/17/04  “Reyataz and Sustiva Case Studies”  Dr. David Butcher

03/15/04  “Evidence-based Practice Using Current Guidelines and Lexiva Update”, John Bartlett, MD, Duke University

01/12/2004  “The Jacques Initiative”  Derrick Spencer, MSN, CRN  University of Maryland

09/22/03   Debra Mathews, Atlanta, GA

07/21/03  “Reyataz”  David Butcher, MD  

05/19/03  “Fuzeon”

03/24/03  “Aftermath of Epidemic Loss”  Kevin Mallison, PhD, RN,  Virginia Commonwealth University

02/24/03  “Sleep and HIV”  Donna Taliaferro, PhD, RN, Virginia Commonwealth University

01/23/03  Chapter Formation Business

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