Central IndiANAC Chapter

Central IndiANAC Chapter

(Last Updated 2007)

In 1991, four Registered Nurses who had various leadership positions within the HIV/AIDS health care and service communities in central Indiana assessed the need for a forum in which nurses who provide care to those with HIV could come together for support, networking and education.  Thus, an ANAC Chapter-in-Formation was created.  The four founders drew officers from a hat and began to recruit members.  Our main goals are consistent today – to provide support to one another as well as professional development.

Founding Members:
President-Ann Kurth
President Elect -Patrick Robinson
Secretary-Christine Balt
Treasurer-Anita Owen-Myers
Donna Dodson
Jane Kubilis

Chapter Presidents:
1993-1994 Ann Kurth
1994-1995 Christine Balt
1995-1996 Anita Owen-Myers
1996-1997 Christine Balt
1997-1998 Sheran Simo (Davis)
1998-2000 Dean Hensel
2000-2002 Sheran Simo
2002-2005 Chris Hughes
2005-07/05 Sheran Simo
07/05- 05/07 Erin Weah
06/07-2009  Helen Rominger

Significant Chapter Events:
1)    Three of Central IndiANAC’s Founding Members have gone on to become National Presidents
  • Ann Kurth 1995
  • Patrick Robinson 2003-2005
  • Christine Balt 2005-2007
2)    Multidisciplinary Day Conference on HIV Pathogenesis: New Concepts and Implications for Nursing Care – 09/1996 Attended by 27 participants.  Nurses & Social Work CE’s provided.

3)    Nursing 2000 Participation in Nursing Day at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

4)    Member of Consortium of Indiana Nursing Organization 1996-2000

5)    Participant Indiana Cancer & Pain Initiative 1998-2000

6)    1998 – Christine Balt received the ANAC/Roxanne Scholarship in Palliative Care

7)    2001 – Bobbi Delon & Sheran Simo received the ANAC/Ortho Biotech Products, LP Anemia Scholarship

8)    2004 – Erin Weah & Heather Nixon Received Anemia Case Study Scholarship Awards

9)    2004 – Names Project Sponsor for display in Indianapolis, IN

10)    2004 – Erin Weah receives the ANAC/HIV Nursing Fellowship – Master’s Award.

11)    2005 – Beth Zwickl receives the ANAC/Frank Lamendola Achievement Award.

12)    2005 – Heather Nixon nominated for the ANAC/Spirit of Nursing Award.

13)    2007 – Central IndiANAC collaborates with MATEC and the Indiana University School of Nursing to bring both HIV/AIDS didactic and observational components to the Adult Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner programs at the School of Nursing.

14)    2007 – Central IndiANAC collaborates with MATEC, the Indiana University School of Medicine, and the BellFlower Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic to bring the First Annual Update on the Management of HIV/AIDS and STDs to Central Indiana.  Physician, nursing, social work, and pharmacy continuing education credits provided.

15)    Helen Rominger appointed to the CDC’s Medical Management Project (MMP) as a Provider Advisory Board  (PAB) Member, one of only 26 nationwide, one of only two nurse practitioners/nurses on the board.  The MMP is an enhanced surveillance project, which will be used to make future policy and funding recommendations on the national level.

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