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Austin Chapter

(Last Updated 2014)


Our history began on October 18, 1983, when three nurses met to form an interest group for the Austin chapter of ANAC. Another three nurses were interested but were unable to attend and so we began. With the efforts of this core of caregivers for Austin area HIV services, by July 1st 1994, eleven active and three non-active members were listed on the chapter application. Marc Le Blanc served as president, Es Hague president elect, Robert Motter secretary, and Donnita Jones treasurer.

With the sponsorship of many drug companies, presentations were provided with CEU’s and fourteen people were in attendance for a lecture on P.C.P. by local MD. Cynthia Brinson.
1995 despite some problems, the chapter’s board maintained its efforts in increasing membership and met the requirements of the national office.
Meetings were held at the UT School of Nursing and at the David Powell clinic where Dr. Janet Allen spoke on the role of the nurse practitioner in HIV/ AIDS care and a patient spoke of living with AIDS. Apart from the core group of nurses working in HIV care it remained challenging keeping good attendance for the meetings.
The board for 1995/96 was as follows: president Es Hague, president-elect Lisa Painter, secretary Vicki Hopkins, and treasurer Donnita Jones.
1996 the topics presented at the meetings remained relevant and included the subject of gancyclovir implants, protease inhibitors, and other up to date relevant issues. The meetings were well attended at local venues with the support of Merck, Roche, and others, and CEUs were provided. It remained a daunting problem though, that membership to ANAC was not increasing, even with HIV education and information being made available to the community. The membership at the end of the year was fifteen national and twenty local members.
1997 continued with more meetings and great community support and interest. Dr. A. Barry conducted a presentation on HIV & Women, Dr. M. Doyle from UT Houston presented on pediatric AIDS care, and Dr. K. Blair on surviving HIV. Door prizes were given and ANAC memberships raffled and the attendance was thirty plus. The chapters account balance rose but not the national membership. ANAC was making an impact in the Austin HIV community with the continued support of grants given by the pharmaceutical companies. The community was provided information on the ACRN certification and the fact that all the nurses at the David Powell clinic were certified. The officers for 1997 were president Lisa Painter, president-elect Paula Dominy, secretary Vicki Hopkins/ L.Havel, and treasurer Donnita Jones.
1998 was a pivotal year for our young chapter and we strongly encouraged national membership to our local members. We continued to hold cutting edge meetings to educate ourselves and the local community, bringing in Dr. P. Palmleri, Dr.Kamal Dyal, Dr. T. Tucker, and Natalie Vanek MD. Topics included subjects such as adherence, lymphoma and Aids, and resistance. However the commitment to national membership was still linked to the core group.
1999 the chapter continued to provide informative meetings and to raise HIV awareness and to provide a community resource for networking, but as always, commitment to membership remained a stumbling block. The officers were president Greg Brown, president-elect Judy Hodge, secretary Lynette Havel, and treasurer Vicki Hopkins.
2000 continued with the chapter struggling to keep the HIV community of hospitals, hospice, pharmacists and AIDS support agencies informed. A lipodystrophy lecture was very well attended and CEU’s were provided. Dr. Renedo spoke on Opportunistic Fungi, which was followed by an exciting question and answer session. The officers for the year were president Judy Hodge, president-elect Tania Watkins, secretary Mark LeBlanc, and treasurer Pat Heilman.
2001 was a quiet year for the chapter as it struggled with maintaining the membership however the meetings were still very well attended. The officers were:  president Tania Watkins, president elect Lorraine Walters, secretary Mark LeBlanc, and treasurer Janice Wilson.
2002-2004 were years we struggled to keep the chapter alive. Momentum and interest were waning and at one point, probably due to burnout by all involved, the chapter almost closed and become an interest only group. Thankfully that did not occur.

2005 under the leadership of Wanda Mayes and Maria Saldiva, the chapter made a comeback. The same core group remains and are focused on our goals of educating the community about HIV, and addressing the problem of obtaining new membership.

2006-07 we were able to sponsor riders for Team ANAC in the Hill Country Bicycle ride, which provided monies for the Austin Area HIV community. Our bank balance increased and in 2006 we provided stipends for nurses to attend national ANAC meetings and other educational events. Our membership has remained small but solid over the last thirteen years.
Since 2002 the following people have been active officers of the chapter:
  •     Loraine Walters
  •     Wanda Mayes
  •     Maria Saldiva
  •     Judy Wheeler
  •     Bob Focht 
  •     Paula Dominy
  •     Peggy Wright
  •     Janet Newman
  •     Yolanda Caballero
  •     Yolanda Munguia


2014 – The Austin ANAC chapter is still going strong! Our board is made up of many new people who continue on with what was started over twenty years ago. Our chapter continues to promote educational meetings each month for members and non-members alike, in order to keep our community updated on the current standards regarding HIV care. Our chapter has also kept up with the tradition of sponsoring riders for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, donating funds for the holidays to local HIV agencies, as well as assisting our chapter President to attend the national ANAC conference. We continue to reach out to local professionals in order to expand our membership by providing incentives such as raffle prizes at each of our monthly meetings, as well as sending out personalized invitations to each event. One of our chapter’s goals is to increase the number of ACRN certified nurses in our group. An ACRN study group has already sbegun for the spring, and we will continue to encourage all members to consider becoming certified. Those of us on the 2014 board feel honored to keep the Austin Chapter going strong after so many years. We look forward to an educational and productive year. 2014 Austin chapter board members: • Mary Starkovich –President • Debbi Giossi – Past President • Dena Moore – President Elect • Andrew Martin - Secretary • Janet Newton – Treasurer


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