ANAC's Envisioned Future

Approved July 1, 2004; Reaffirmed February 19, 2006

Become a globally recognized association that is the preeminent source of nursing expertise related to all dimension of HIV disease.

Vivid Description

  • Persons living with HIV worldwide enjoy a longer, more productive and more satisfying quality of life.
  • Globally, people living with HIV disease are receiving excellent care with improved outcomes.
  • Policymakers request advice and expertise of ANAC.
  • Internationally, governments request the expertise of ANAC.
  • World leaders/health organizations turn to ANAC to provide comprehensive education and training.
  • ANAC members are key players worldwide in the elimination of HIV stigma.
  • ANAC participates in the education of nurses from resource-challenged countries, assisting them to provide quality HIV care.
  • ANAC, in collaboration with international partners, sets the standard for HIV curricula worldwide.
  • ANAC has positions on the boards of national and international organizations related to HIV.
  • ANAC publications are the preeminent resource for HIV nursing/patient care worldwide.
  • All nurses involved in any dimension of HIV care are members of ANAC.
  • HIV-specialty nurses are certified in HIV nursing.
  • Nurses worldwide view ANAC as an essential organization to join for networking, education, and support; they perceive value in membership. 
  • ANAC members are conducting leading edge research in all aspects of HIV disease, and serve as mentors to novice researchers.

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