HIV+ Nurse Specialty Committee

The HIV Positive Nurses Specialty Committee was established in 1985 by the late Frank Lamendola, RN, who was one of the first national nursing leaders to publicly disclose his HIV positive status.  Mr. Lamendola grew the committee out of an ad hoc task force that was originally housed by the American Nurses Association (ANA) while ANAC was still in the early stages of organizational development.  Mr. Lamendola, along with then ANAC president, Cliff Morrison, MSN, ACRN, FAAN persuaded the ANA that their HIV Positive Nurses Task Force would be better served if under the auspices of ANAC.  The ANA agreed and the HIV Positive Nurses Committee of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care came into being. Mr. Lamendola and others grew this newly formed committee into a vital part of ANAC's mission, structure and purpose. 

Today, the Committee seeks to support, educate and advocate all HIV positive nurses (ANAC member or not). Any HIV positive nurse regardless of practice area or organizational affiliation is welcomed to seek help from the Committee.  In fact, most of the nurses that do contact the Committee are not working in HIV/AIDS care. 

The Committee provides information, education and support usually on a one-on-one basis but does not provide any legal counsel. 

A primary goal of the committee is to act as professional peer support from one HIV positive nurse to another. The Committee also edits a monthly column - +Nurse - in ANACdotes, ANAC's Quarterly Newsletter. This column has been edited by long time committee member David J. Sterken, MN, CNS, CPNP.  The nature of the column essentially follows the basic tenets of the Committee in offering information and support via web based production and traditional publishing. 

In order to provide professional support, the Committee has developed a set of frequently asked questions for nursing students who are HIV-positive and have concerns about schooling and/or practice.  Click here to download this document.

Presently, the Committee’s goals are:

  1. Continue and expand outreach to all nurses that are HIV+ or think they might have come into contact with the virus. 
  2. Develop communication tools to be sent by ANAC about the mission and purpose of the HIV+ Nurses Committee to all major nursing organizations such as the ANA, AACN, ONS, and others for outreach and information.
  3. Continue the HIV+ Nurse Column in ANACdotes with content input from the committee. 
  4. Develop a downloadable info “booklet” on the Board of Nursing's regulations regarding HIV+ nurses practice; with additional resources, inluding but not limited to:  (a) Brief history of ANAC, (b) Listing past members in memoriam, (c) developing a column entitled, "Now that you know?" - an evolving and ongoing discussion on what it is like to find out you are HIV+ as a nurse, and (d) inclusion of pertinent Internet Resources

HIV+ Nurse Specialty Committee Time Committment: The Committee meets quarterly by phone and as needed by email.

2015 HIV+ Nurse Specialty Committee Chair: Bruce Kinley

2015 Board of Directors Liaison to HIV+ Nurse Specialty Committee: Whitney Starr

The HIV+ Nurse Newsletter was published on a quarterly basis by ANAC until Summer of 2007 when the newsletter became a regular column in ANACdotes, the Association's Quarterly Membership Newsletter.  To view previous issues of HIV+ Nurse, please click here.

Committee Chair:  Please click here to submit your Quarterly Reports electronically.  Click here to submit your Annual Committee report.

To view the HIV+ Committee's Quarterly Report, please click here.


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