Why recertify?

ACRN and AACRN recertification 

To ensure both ACRNs and AACRNs continue to expand their HIV/AIDS knowledge base and competence, we require recertification within the four-year certification period. You can recertify through re-examination or by obtaining continuing education points (CEPs). The recertification requirements are different for ACRN and AACRN.

To recertify by re-examination:

To recertify by obtaining CEPs, you must participate in continuing education activities and submit a recertification packet for ACRN or AACRN. You must accumulate a total of 70 CEPs for ACRN and 90 CEPs for AACRN within a four-year period. There are several opportunities to earn CEPs available, including formal and informal education experiences, publications, presentations, volunteer and leadership responsibilities and more. Here is an overview of the requirements:

  • A total of 70 CEPs are required for ACRN recertification and 90 CEPs are required for AACRN recertification.
  • 80% of the CEPs must be in HIV/AIDS care. The remaining 20% may be in any other continuing education area. You also have the option of recertifying with 100% of CEPs in HIV/AIDS.
  • A maximum of 35 CEPs (ACRN) and 45 CEPs (AACRN) can be earned in medicine or other allied health professions, only if they are directly related to HIV/AIDS care.
  • CEPs must be approved by any one of the following nursing organizations:
    • Any state board of nursing
    • American Nurses Credentialing Center
    • Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
    • The international equivalent of the above organizations
  • CEPs via home study are acceptable as long as the course is certified by one of the above organizations. You may acquire all credit for recertification via home study.
  • CEPs earned after the certification exam was taken are applicable towards the subsequent recertification.
  • One educational contact hour (50 minutes of actual classroom time) equals one CEP. 
  • If audited, a photocopy of each continuing education certificate is required. The certificate must include the name, date(s) of attendance, title of course, number of contact hours granted and accrediting agency.
  • Late recertification applications will be accepted within a 30-day grace period with an additional fee of $50.

For a full explanation of the continuing education activities approved for CEPs, click here for ACRN requirements and click here for AACRN requirements.


All recertification payments are payable to the HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board.  

The recertification fee for an ACRN is:
•    ANAC members:  $250
•    Non-ANAC members:  $350


The recertification fee for an AACRN is:
•    ANAC members: $300
•    Non-ANAC members: $400


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Recertification audit

HANCB will randomly audit a certain percentage of ACRN and AACRN recertification applications. If audited, you will be asked to submit copies of certificates and other documents, verifying your CEP activities with your renewal application. During each four-year period, you are encouraged to keep all documentation and be prepared to submit it upon request. All applications are subject to audit at the discretion of the HANCB.

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